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Printed. Titanium part located under the pylon. Connecting jet engines to the wings of the plane since then a number of. Engines have fallen off. No, wait a minute. Seven forty seven. The number of such parts has steadily increased for instance, Boeing already has sixty thousand three D printed parts used in its aircraft, which is still relatively a small number considering that a Boeing seven forty seven consists of six million parts, both manufacturers, however agree that three d printing technology provides them with entirely new benefits and opportunities such as manufacturing complex components that would not be possible with conventional production methods. Now, I think of three D printing as those little printers that you can buy from mono, price and other places that use plastic, but three D printing is also something that they can do with titanium and other steel things and metals, and whatever that's probably term for it is additive manufacturing. There you go AM baby. That's the future. Not not a I am got into a m PM. Yes. All right. Thank you Chris for sending link to that. Now. This is significant Southwest Airlines is one of those airlines that was just a doing things extremely different in the aviation world many many years ago, and it was led by a gentleman named herb Kelleher he founded the airline and he died yesterday at age eighty seven and that was when was this article a couple of days a couple days ago? And but he he lived a nice long life eighty seven years old. And this is an article that was published quite some time ago. I think it was early was in the nineties or the two thou- early two thousands anyway to Ninety-one, thank you. And there's also an accompanying video from Utah. Bob that someone sent us as well that I believe actually it was the euro that sent in the sixty minutes interview, Southwest's herb, Kelleher, very interesting and informative video that you should all watch because you can kind of get a feel a taste of this guy's personality, which I think was a huge factor in the success of this airline and many many airlines out there today use Southwest's model as a model for their business plan for operating low cost carriers, and anyway, he he was quite the man very funny guy, and we're going to really miss him. But we're really going to, you know, bask in all of the wonderful things that he brought to our industry for time for a long time to come. Hurt Keller was really the one of the founders of low cost airlines southwest isn't necessarily that any longer. But when they started who can believe the legacy that they turned into the legacy carry that. They are also if it weren't for herb Kelleher southwest and the arguments that took place between southwest and braniff continental us an would not be as big an airport as it is. And they also talked about a. Right amendment and all of that. Yeah. Field. And he was really just just did things differently at a time when everyone was kind of doing things the same way. Right. Yes. That that interview from sixty minutes is you know, has a lot of interesting information regarding that, and they kind of focused I guess during that time America West and southwest were really butting heads for the the right to basically dominate Phoenix sky harbor and the America West CEO was not very happy about Southwest's their their efforts there. Yeah. Herb Kelleher also brought hot pants to the flight attendants of south west if you'll remember that was one of their selling points, quite a while when they first started I'm not trying to be even sexist and everything, but it's really true. Yeah. In fact, again, watch that video you'll see exactly what Mike is talking about there. Things have changed quite a bit since the the nineties and. But anyway, so we're gonna miss herb rest in peace, sir..

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