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Joy taylor she's the bottle reiter sits between shannon sharpe skip bayless they kind of trade barbs back and forth at opinions on sports issues this is show that airs on the fox sports channel but joy taylor's just kind of the the moderator she which so what she does is every now and again injects the the story that they're going to talk about and then she kind of sits back and listen to what they have to say every now and again she has an opinion now by the way joy taylor is the sister of jason taylor who's a longtime player for the miami dolphins listen to this the nfl doesn't doesn't dare to some in the name of mohammed ali or jackie robinson anymore and you're absolutely right what happened was the nfl is afraid of that's really sad i mean i remember correctly the entire drive behind that campaign was everyone was tired of being so pc imagine being so sensitive and triggered and easily bothered by an nfl player peacefully protesting on the sideline of an nfl game that you'd be catching your pearls and demanding that they leave the country clutching your pearls and demanding that they leave the country and basically she said that the nfl doesn't now get to invoke the name of any hero of of the black culture of you know fame he just pardoned jack johnson today yeah i listen i don't think the president is racist i i don't think this is anything to do with race i do think it's it has to do with a lot of just a lot of over the top kind of talk that we don't necessarily need but this is when we start talking about plantation mentality and the nfl was afraid of the president of the united states and the president says people should just leave the country i don't think we can have a conversation where we come up with some kind of solution maybe you think i'm wrong i just i don't know i don't know when this ends because it's gonna get worse and worse and worse.

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