Bray Wyatt, Morris, O'connell discussed on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast - SRW 144 - Jim Ross


Maybe you start the babyfaced turn and you put brown stroman and bray wyatt against each other maybe bronze stroman comes and takes out bray why is luck unfortunately bray wide that's the that's the position i think he's destined to be is the guy who's in the middle of the card that is there to kind of just pushed people to the next level maybe he does that maybe maybe that's what bray does for bronze stroman maybe the next payperview after summer slim bronx roman pins bray wyatt starts to drift into good guy villain has got that victory you know and then who knows maybe some point down the road samoa joe takes the title of roman reigns and bronze stroman comes for samoa joe after that because you spend a few months rebuilding bronze stroman as this amazing tough guy i i i liked the fatal fourway wages because of all the different scenarios and we can talk about it for the next several weeks what's going to happen what could happen i think it's interesting almost as interesting is what ends or morris future's going to be right like he has asked kicked right big kassian obviously this is a move to make big cast into somebody strong you know um and to make him a world title contender i think uh i think that it it looks like it's gonna be big caspers big showed summer slam i would kind of i come to it feels a little rushed o'connell agency big cast beat up some little guys first before he goes right for the big show um burly interesting to see in our we get could see the passing the torch i think i just really wonder lake.

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