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The top full honda swedish sensing no means you have winky persisted that proves control real really some semiautonomous so stop right there adaptive cruise control i don't know of many people know what that means molly get me know that means right i do not all right he does now so the car driver adapts myself okay i am so glad that you don't know about this because i really don't i want to hear about okay i'm i only know about it because my wife vehicle you know she gets the newer vehicles and i get the leftoversof there she does have a baptist cruise control talabani what that is so basically when you're on the parkway know highway driving cruise control on when you saw that cruise control right the court ahead of you slows down comes to stop your car will do the same thing right touching the guests from the break decor slows down speeds up as the core head of does the same yep and what it winds this such a great future of hey are also barred bar my wife's car and i had the cruise control on and i was just cruising niles icicle now route eighteen and older son before i can even react i swear a guy cut off he comes round who'd eighteen and the car thoughts breaking her vehicles bringing owen run is i was like amazing a really was that it sense before i can even we ask that there was a car cutting me off and then i look and i go oh back ice cutting me off it's a great safety feature isn't it too whether it's the apple carplay abbas now abbott carpizo you have apple carplay for for those who have iphones injury order for those who have an android basically it takes the street of your phone right through usb while you're puts it right up on the screen ahead of you there's no reason to give navigation any anymore right you really don't need it it integrates your phone right into the car right that bang there is almost break in my does so i better he's a big guy now i have via the apple watch so i'm sure it's gonna be popping up on their also this is amazing i'm driving along right.

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