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Pretty good for rudy gobert doesn't it they go bear is what about zinc right there's plenty of super on dice weren't very good and i feel like we're about what ten years removed from hushing beat and i know that in this day and age were not really drafting purely on measurable anymore but i don't know i really feel like the baseline for moba in terms of his like very raw base skill set is a guy that you want in the modern mba agreed and there's the concern that maybe oh he's not as intense as a guy like rubio bear was when he was coming into the draft go bear was a relentless player in europe and that's something that translated immediately and that's something that's helped him kind of become the player he is now bomb doesn't really play that fire but i still think that you take a gamble on a guy with a seven nine wingspan and that's that's kind of almost the problem with the go bear comparison we have go bear as one of the comps in the draft guide but go bare when evaluating him in the drafts there's no question about his intensity about his work ethic the real quick was like can you play basketball right now of bomb by that's how skilled as he actually a basketball but also some of those questions in terms of is intensity after court however like i got a conversation with someone on read it earlier this week after the draft guide dropped and he's like well do you fear the his shame to beat comparison for baba and i just don't see it at all because with to beat there is always questions about his work ethic off the court i want he loved the game how much he was willing to commit to it bombo there's never been that question we know he has good work ethic we know he at least has put the time into the game so granted we haven't seen the intensity necessarily on the court it's been inconsistent i think baba if he were to drop out of the top ten that that'd be a criminal mistake in my here's my thing so bumba has famously gone to the sloan conference and.

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