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Grandmother who's helping safe summer for her community. Stepping in to get certified as a lifeguard because the local pool couldn't find enough people to do the job. ABC's Will Gants has more. We just didn't have the staff to to open the pool at 66 years young. Gale Rogers is proof that saving lives is timeless. Taking up a lifeguarding job when her community pool was faced enclosures. I thought, well, did I this lifeguard thing. Maybe I can do this again. The Ohio grandmother was first certified a as lifeguard in 1969 and now 54 years later she's dusting off her whistle once again. Gale passing the 2023 version of the lifeguard skill test. Skills test is they have to swim a 300 yard length. They have to tread water for an allotted amount of time and grab a 10 pound brick off the bottom of the tool. And even if she hasn't had to make any saves yet. I got certified in CPR and AED usage. That's a great skill to have for anyone. Gale's glad she came out of retirement this summer. What would you say is the best part of your Watching job? our community enjoy the pool. Because I guess being a grandma, maybe my heart kind leans of towards kids and young couples and it just kind of warmed my heart to be able to sit there and watch this. Yes, it's Xfinity Mobile. Back in the day, if you want to score a fresh new pair of sneakers, you'll be stuck at home refreshing, reloaded, refreshed, reloaded. That was my generation. Y 'all know how it is. Now with Xfinity Mobile, my little sis has got the connection to run circles around me online and at the three -point line. Switch to Xfinity Mobile, the fastest mobile service with 5G and millions of Wi -Fi hotspots. Get the best price for two of lines unlimited 5G compared to the lowest price plans of the top three carriers.

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