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So of course, get her opinion on the main event Saturday night between Rosa Eunice and just gone drudge. But first let's say Hello to the new king of Rio. Yes, there he is the one and only Alexander the great Volkan Ascii who on Saturday night marched into Rio de Janeiro Brazil and beat their native son Josey Aldo in a convincing dominant performance. What a win for outspoken offs galax? Are you? Thank you for doing this. Now, what was it? Oh, my very well. I'm very well. You know, an extra day here in a rea- and just enjoy the place a little bit. Everyone's been NAS to me, which is good. I didn't know how they'll react with me. But it was being friendly. Getting photos of me say it's good to get a big win lot of that. And now, just relaxing and Dumont of thing. We'll congratulations on the win. And I was actually going to ask you about that. They know you did stick around. No one has come up to and said anything about beating their guy the way in which you did it's been friendly. I'm a little surprised they must admit. Yeah. Yeah. And I must be really good. Yeah. Evens? Everyone knows knows you say because. Yeah, I've been getting up the beat. But I mean, you know, all of that sort of stuff out, but it must have been very friendly. They even told me they locked on on, you know, I won't Josie to win. But you know, spooky me a thumbs up one photo and stuff like that. So now they've been respectable. So a lot is made of the Brazilian seen the hostile territory chance all that stuff in more. And now that you've experienced it is it a little overrated is not that big of a deal. For me, you know, all winning there again expected get me wrong. But why ins and the influence on that will go and not you know, what I mean know, very very passionate getting flipped off walls about a were walkout and stuff. I had my boys right there in the next to him just flip in the off. But you know, that's all part of it. You know, really really enjoyed it. The wine the walkout everything. But as soon as I finish the walk, even when obesity when Aldo walked at the crisis of.

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