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Starts, if you're that Portland organization that team what are you trying to do in game? Two to give yourself a fighting chance in this series. Well, Bill, I gotta do is not turn the ball over and turn the ball over twenty points. Just not the the form that you can use to try to be anybody on the defending champs in their house. I mean, you can't give up that many points. The transition points to a team that's very very explosive, but Terry and his staff is coaching staff and troubling team all year long been Missoula responded, well after disappointing losses, and obviously that was the first game of a seven game series. Golden State did what they're supposed to do for game one, and they came out, and they want obviously, you know, for the trailblazers regards to what they could take away from game one early on and into the fourth quarter still single digit game. So they gave himself a chance when they wouldn't plan their best. And so they have to understand that lock in an old things try to tighten up and criminal things. Too many breakdowns and and give themselves another chance. I mean, it does does what is all about. He just had to keep fighting for another day. And they've they've they've beaten not so far. No, one thought they were going to be okay. See they pull out that victim. No one had them beating Denver at Denver. So they should have confidence in -bility to you know, respond and then to Pete Gerry Ford or here on the program coach. So as a guy that time all star for player as a coach GM issue strategically or otherwise with teaming Lillard only taking twelve shots in that game one. Or are you okay with that depending on the other factors that went into what he did? And what he was about. Well, I mean, look they're they're not gonna win that series. If you only take a v twelve shots them. You can't have any superstar on any team take twelve shots. I mean, he lied school. What Steph on it took twelve shots? I mean, that's one thing to miss shots. But I mean, he's just got to be more grasp. But you also gotta give golden station credit early on. They did a good job of now. Allowing him to get into a rhythm of that game early on doubled him right away made him pass the ball. So you know, Dame's gone too little bit early on. Maybe trust them guys to make the plays. But he also when he's given up between where he's in open court situation or one on one situation. He's going to be a little bit more aggressive and not to become so easy to defend and make sure then be explosive score that he's been all year long for them dog into reporter here on the program, brighter than you with me Ville writer on CBS sports radio. Carry your you have obviously deep connections in. In Oregon Portland men's basketball coach at the university of Portland, Oregon sports hall of fame hall of fame you live there. Now, you have professional connections mock as well, and you went to high school there, you went to college I think Steven's point on from Jimmy guy. So I certainly know where that is a of classmates who went there g feel the rooting interest with either or both of those teams in their respective conference finals. Well, yeah, I'm rooting. I'm obviously, I I worked for the Milwaukee Bucks. Dacian? I'm net grew up watching organization and have you know, bud, Michael. But boozing Houser was a coach and San Antonio my last two years, so I've gotten to know him and don't get fans with him. So I'm obviously ruined for him to have success. And and hometime boy, no matter what happened between my opportunity there. I'm excited about for the city of Milwaukee to have a a championship caliber team team that has a chance to compete to play play for them BA final talking to coach Jerry here on the show where the games on right now. Toronto me it's really early is, you know, coach seven minutes left in the first quarter for you. What are the keys to this series in who between two really good basketball teams who comes out on top? Well, these kind of two different styles..

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