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Forget about this no way. This guy is sick. There's something wrong with this guy is fifty three. Republicans. And last time I checked fifty three is less than sixty math. And they ain't no seven Democrats who are crossing over to give them five point seven billion Fano racist monument. Do you know why I can give you the best reason broke America's broke? I have the best reasons. Believe me, I, you know, we're we're bro- broke America's broke. I mean, if I were if I were the Democrats every time they talked about a wall. I would just say, hey, don't you? Remember, you guys you remember, John Boehner broke, America's broke and have all the Democrats practicing for ten minutes a day. Just ten minutes a day the John Boehner impersonation, and then they can pop your woke America. We're broke America's brewing. Then every time they mentioned their raises. My wardrobe broke, the Americans just isn't hammer. Just never just until they throw up literally. Stop with the what brow broke, America's broke. We heard it from these imbeciles ad nauseam from the from the John Boehner types on down and on through the Republicans and all those Obama years all the debt and the deficit and now they just breeze right past one trillion dollars a year. One trillion dollars a year in debt one trillion each and every year, a what happens if the world stops buying one trillion dollars worth of our bonds each and every year what happens to the economy, then all speaking. Of the shutdown in the economy. There is now starting to be real measurable evidence that without these paychecks Ryan without the money that they communists called the velocity of money. They measure they try measure the speed through which money is whipping its way through the economy. The faster money is whipping its way through the economy. That means the more robust times are the faster people spending more money is moving. Right. It's like, you know, you want the you want your heart racing you want that blood flow. And that's what economists are looking for the velocity of money. They want a nice fast velocity. They want people active. They want a robust moving economy when the velocity slows down, that's bad. That means people are saving. They're they're buying down debt. Right. They're not dry. Seventy percent of the economy's consumer economy. I hope you know, that used to be sixty six now, it's seventy if the consumers don't keepdriving economy the Konami collapsed. What happens when you take eight hundred thousand consumers, and you say, hey, got no money for you, eight hundred thousand consumers these a federal worker. That consumers to right. They're buying diapers. And you know, and pork and beans. I mean, they're buying all the same stuff. Everybody else is. And when you take away paychecks made hundred thousand people, and you add the ripple effects, and then you throw in Benedict, Donald signature, international war, terriers, embarrass everywhere. And there is reporting. If you want to fact, check me go out to go check, the Washington Post, the Washington Post. Yes. Very credible organization. Here's the headline from the business section shutdown in US and slowing growth in China fuels concerns over global economy. So because of the you know, what terriers and bearish everywhere. Spark in a trade war and slowing things down in China. And we've got the shutdown now at some point the is going to start to say, hey, this hurts and we're going to start seeing pain. Now. Maybe that's why Mitch McConnell is is resurfacing like a submarine. I always periscope in this case, we see the double gin. Maybe it's the his Republican colleagues were saying Mitch can't take it anymore. The pains.

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