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A powerful provoking discussion where we talk about family relationships ministry community and Kareem. Let's see what exciting guest we have on our show. Well welcome to the drawing board this is your host Andrea Hebron and of course what we talk about his family relationships ministry community and career. We are excited. I let me say to all my many conned whole of my Latin people to Panamanian Equal Happy Single Day. My you rate agree. I hit it one time for you tonight. I promised my wife. I don't know much in Spanish but I know this to take a minute. Sorry of Anita yes yes you have beautiful smile. I tried to learn the romantic part of us. That right right night. I have the pleasure. And the honor of introducing some powerful of women who are transforming the lives of young ladies across Metro Detroit and they are known as lambs and that Stanford is an acronym for Gorgeous ladies aspiring and motivating ladies. Welcome to the show. Get a good evening. Good evening earth. Let me just address and Kinda give some back story about. How comes to know these ladies? I I am Dean of Culture Climate or Detroit Public School Community district and they serve our young ladies at Dawson. Elementary Middle School. Let me just take a second and let the people know you ladies do a wonderful job. At empowering our young ladies whether it's encouraging them whether it's motivating them whether it's causing them to aspire towards the greatness that is within them whether providing the redirection as needed in a moment of clarity whether it's pulling some to the side and having individual conferences whether it's driving them home because they need a ride after the mentoring session whether it's getting up early showing up at the school setting up a family style meal you all do a wonderful job at impacting. The young ladies laps. Thank you so much just had the warranties happen here out. Yes so ladies. Welcome to the show. Let's give you guys a chance to introduce yourself and then please tell me what is the mission like how all of this begin someone you all our family. Some of you are the close friends I saw on. The you guys looked up like you guys lined up as if you were a Greek organization. I know I can't think of the back Greek online. Somebody's so ladies. Tell me about it. First of all introduce yourselves My Name is Rhonda Pat. I'm the founder of Glam and The organization founded in twenty fourteen and it was founded because like you said Mr E. Bryan in school. There are so many directions that you can go so many roads that you can go down and misconceptions and just watching a reality. Tv Now is our young girls offs. Who writes about themselves as well as Just being a genuine African American woman as well as being a good friend my compete and so we founded the organization. Because truly out there. When we were growing up it used to be a false Saint saying women. Don't make good friends but we absolutely do. But it starts from the very beginning right in school when you have cheerleaders or Pomeranz or you know different bursts cities of.

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