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Early this morning. WTMJ is Tony Bedrock is live in the breaking news, Senator Jean the Flames appear to be out. But now investigators are working to figure out what started the fires at the Thomas bus company along Highway 1 42. The Racine County sheriff's office as dark and heavy smoke was spotted by deputy while on patrol just before four o'clock. That's when he noticed multiple bus is on fire. Nobody was at the property at the time. WTMJ has reached out to the school district. We will provide more information as soon as it's available after 31 years leading the wall, which has the police Department chief, very Weber announced his retirement. The department says Webber's last state will be June 1st, and they in Mayor Dennis McBride are thanking him for his 48 years in law enforcement. The announcement comes one here after former officer Joseph MENSA fatally shot Alvin Cole, leading to criticism against Weber as to how he handled MENSA and subsequent protests, Family attorney Kimberly Motley tells TMJ four news. Weber damaged his department and the city. I think we definitely welcome the news. However, he should be fired and his employment with why would tell such should actually end today the wall would tell us the Fire and Police Commission will conduct the search for a new chief. Rusty Milburn. WTMJ News Well Medicine's new police chief, promising to cut violent crime by stressing partnerships and community engagement over jail. Sean Barnes says his will be in administration based on respect, communication and collaboration during what he says is one of the most challenging times in law enforcement history. Barnes coming to a city that's a violent protests last summer that left dozens of shops damaged and looted One. That's also seen seven fatal police shootings during a four year stretch that ended in 2016 Barnes, telling the state journal anti police sentiment. Madison is part of the negative feeling people have about government in general. He replaces my Kobol, who quit with one day's notice back in the fall of 2019. Still some hope for a bipartisan deal on a new covert relief package. But it's not clear if a compromise will be struck between President Biden and moderate Republicans in the Senate. CBS News White House correspondent Stephen Portnoy About a statement after the meetings in the president won't settle for a package that doesn't meet the moment. Biden aides insist there $1.9 trillion package. It's the nation's most critical needs. Among other differences, the proposal of moderate Senate Republicans would send smaller stimulus checks to fewer people instead of $1400 checks. Their offer is $1000 phasing out for those who make more than 40 grand a year if they employ Congress's reconciliation rules. Democrats can pass a budget in the House and Senate on simple majority votes 165 and older now eligible to receive the covert 19 vaccine from the Milwaukee Health Department prepared this coordinator Nick Tomorrow, telling TMJ four news demands. So far exceeds supply We have the ability to scale up to about 10,000 week is what we're rejecting. But there is not enough vaccine available right now Health Department working with churches and housing groups to ensure that a diverse group of people received the vaccine coming up, Don't hold your breath for an early spring. WTMJ news Time is 804 new Line North America's leader in shipping supplies is holding a hiring event for customer service positions You line is a stable company that takes care of its employees,.

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