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And can't be can't get from Pollock pines from ABC news I'm Brian Clark the corona virus pandemic has upended daily life in the United States and around the world a new poll finds most Americans think normal is at least a few months away details from ABC's Jim Ryan Michigan's governor Gretchen Whitmer sums it up for many of us this is a challenge unlike anything we've ever faced before a new ABC news Ipsos poll reveals that nine in ten Americans have had their daily lives disrupted by covert nineteen and that fewer than half think they'll return to their regular routines by June first eighty nine percent of us now worry that we or someone we know will be infected with the virus up from seventy nine percent last month for millions like Emily Tucker of San Antonio Texas the disruption has included job loss I just got an apartment started a new job and I was laid off because my business is not essential later this morning the March jobs report to be released expected to show a massive jump in unemployment claims ABC's chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis is small businesses are likely to be hit hardest the thing to remember when we look at these numbers is that they should and are temporary and then on the other side there are plenty of big companies that will bring employees back but of course there are the small businesses that are having to white knuckle at and it is hard to imagine that unfortunately all of those businesses are going to make it to the other side beginning today small businesses can apply for loans the government will forgive the White House president trump said GM and other companies are ramping up production of much needed ventilators for covert nineteen patients involved the defense production act to compel GM to do so he also used to get three M. to make more face masks we anticipate issuing more orders under the defense production act in the very near future in addition to the one that I just signed against three M. for face masks you're listening to it and I heart radio station news ninety three point one KFBK the coronavirus crisis in California is hitting a grim milestone cases top ten thousand today with nearly sixty thousand test results still pending health officials warn it could get much worse if people don't follow the state home orders which could last well into may over two hundred patients have died so far including a riverside county sheriff's deputy governor Gavin Newsom is taking more action in the coronavirus flight he just signed an executive order to use money from California's disaster response account and from the budget reserve it will immediately be sent to hospitals already overrun and preparing for a surge the state is expected to be reimbursed by the government for more on the corona virus go to the I heart radio app and tap the podcast tab for the latest news and information I need a logo has the KFBK traffic.

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