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These picks about supporting him? Yeah, I feel like this isn't the draft to replace Davis mills with somebody. Let's give him another year and address the many other needs elsewhere. And I think in this class that we just came to talk about the depth of edge rusher being one of those positions, I think it's kayvon thibodeau. I think that's the guy that you bring in to put on a defensive front that needs that kind of impact player. Whitney merciless moved on last year. You've lost JJ watt two years ago before last season as well. You need to restock that with some young talent that's kind of a big name as well. I mean, like we said before, there's a lot of areas they could go. They have a ton of needs, but I think at that top selection, you go with probably the second best edge rusher in this class. And then fortunately for them, they have a franchise left tackle and Laramie tunsil, who's getting better with each year and is getting paid like it. So they don't necessarily need to go to that position to address it. I think they could go best player available as you guys said. It's always best player available. I think that's going to end up being thibodaux. Too, but I was a guy we were talking about, you know, maybe a year or two ago I was being number one in the draft before. I Justin rose. And I think you get that out of that. And it seems like a player that, to me, you get the overthought of players in this draft. Yes. Because they've been in the class for so long, we've heard their name. You start picking at them, picking at a pick again, and he doesn't have the character or the personality of the maturity, like sometimes deuces bar. I remember who they did that to Justin Herbert. And we'll look at it now. So to me, kayvon, tiptoe was going to be one of those guys a year or two from now. We're going to wonder why did he go, why didn't he go one? Why did he go as low as he did? And it's going to seem foolish. Yeah, and to that point, thibodeau has been getting picked apart since he was a high school sophomore at Dorsey in LA before he even transferred to Christian before he chose or again. And then he's been getting picked apart because he said it shows Oregon because of the business opportunities. Because he was thinking, you know, beyond college because of the Nike branding and everything else. He's going to be a good player. It's really hard to argue otherwise. The voter question, I guess, is there. I think he wants to get the NFL he's going to prove everybody wrong. Yeah. Certainly could be. And if that's the pick, what if edge rushers go one and two? Is kayvon thibodeau, the highest guy on the board at that point, or for Nick caserio, do one of those top two tackles. If you have your choice of Evan Neil, or icky a quandary there, does Nickelodeon have them slotted just ahead of cave on Tito, I think will be the ultimate decision point there for caserio. And look, I'm still on if Garrett Wilson or if Drake London or is available there at 13, I don't think they will be. Jameson Williams might be there's a lot to think about there from the wide receiver spot at 13 overall for the Texans. Yeah, you can get a lot of value at the position. Especially there, so I think yeah, and you can't go wrong at 13. They really shouldn't fret about that at 13 at all. No, exactly right. Exactly right. It's a great spot to be in there for that team. All right, let's move back to the Tennessee Titans here, cam, who pick at 26 overall in the first round, where do you see that going? Is that an offensive line thing, as you mentioned, one of the perhaps areas where they were a little light in terms of off season acquisitions? Yeah, I think this makes a lot of sense for offensive line. I think it's got to be on the offensive side of the ball. You either go get you a top playmaker that you love or you go to get offensive alignment that secure protection for them. So they're picking 26, so they're a little lower in the draft. You're probably going to be looking through your end of your first round grades and second round grays there. This is a lot of times where you got to decide, hey, do you want to take a little bit of a project offensive tackle? Or do you take a guard and your positional value there? I mentioned his name earlier, but king John Green is a guy that I think they like a lot. He could fill a guard spot for them. Do you take a guard there in the late second round? First round, if he's available, I don't see any issue with that. We're seeing what Garza gets paid these days and for agency. That position is no longer a luxury position. That's becoming a premium position going forward. So I can definitely see them pulling the trigger there, you know, maybe a guy like a Bernard Raymond from central Michigan. If you wanted to take that type of player in the late rounds there, they tried with Isaiah Wilson a couple of years ago. It didn't work out, but they need somebody to fill that right tackle spot. It's been a revolving door. There as well. And I'd love to see them with another fun playmaker if that offensive lineman is not there. You know, if Trayvon Burks is there at 26, imagine him and him and AJ Brown and Robert Woods all in the field together. And that would be that would make the Titans offense fun for the first time in a long time. So I can imagine that and guys couldn't load the box up for Derek Henry anymore. So that would be a fun pick for me to see. If it wasn't offense a lie. I think in terms of offensive line, their opinion on Dylan raiden's their second round pick last year will probably factor into that choice there. Does he finally does he slide in? At right tackle, I think it will be one of those decision points. Yeah, what do you got, Kim? And so on Dylan raiden's, I actually talked to a couple of their coaches this all season and the general consensus I got was they felt like he wasn't ready to be penciled in as a starter yet. And so they were like, hey, this is a challenge to him. Prove us wrong. This all seems improved that you can take one of those starter spots, but they said, as of what they seen for so far, he still needs some development. So, you know, I think a lot of these you're probably not going to find a rookie who's going to be super developed there at 26 either. So they're probably in a rock and a hard place, but I don't know if they're going in San Dillon, it's for sure a starter for us. So a lot more questions at that spot if you remember, they ended up releasing what's the guard's name, the veteran guard that they wrote. Yeah, roger Stafford so that's another spot that needs to be filled as well. So most offensive line spots, maybe Dylan raiden's feels one, but I definitely think they need to still go get another one. Yeah, by the way, Kenny and greens played all over the offensive line for Texas a and M so not just the guard even though that might be what he's best suited for at the next level could help as a versatile piece as well. Let's finish this off here. Nick shook with the team without a first round pick in this division that is the Indianapolis coal tool. Join the party as it currently stands now with the tenth pick of the second round number 42 overall. What do you got there for Chris Ballard and the colts? They're about 31 picks in between their second and third round pick. So you don't have a ton of luxury in terms of, well, let's play the situation this way. Let's get this BPA here and then maybe we address a need lower down. They got to basically identify, I think, a mix between best player available and needs. And if you look at them on paper, this is probably the first time the last 5 years maybe, where you look at their offensive line and you think, that's not as solid as I thought it was. There's some questions that left tackle, there was a question of left tackle last year before they brought on Eric Fisher. And they didn't quite get the return from that that they expected. Right guard is interesting. Mark Lewinsky is gone. You've taken that old starting 5 and kind of chopped it down to the remaining three. So I think there's some questions there. We've talked about receiver already. The fact that they're picking in the second round you think about the depth of the draft receiver is a very deep position. They don't really need any edge rushing help. Not after they went out and got in gawk weng impaired him with quidi pay. So that's one of the other deeper positions that's already addressed. My other big need for them, cornerback. I mean, if you look at them on paper as well, you get rid of rocky sin who I don't think lived up to the expectations they had for him, which is part of why they were convinced to trade him. The departure of him leaves a little bit of a hole they have Brandon faces in, but you know, I think they could stand to add there as well. They had a nice little pro bowler and Kenny Moore, who was your slot corner. I don't think he ends up kicking outside. So I think he's best suited to stay at the slot corner. And then you kind of move from there. Again, the lack of a first round pick's going to hurt them a little bit. If I had to guess, they go receiver just because the depth of the class, there are many ways they could go. It's not a talent poor team, but they do have a few holes

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