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You can cost for a bottle of wine offer to guest. I mean, this really shows me the pony has already taught group on almost everything including every aspect of newly wet life. Because the story we should we should say is that the one one Chinese city. This is per Yang in central won't to cap. What is called the bride price, which is which is as I understand it. The amount you need to the family of your intended. As for the groom is busy for the groom to show a have this prosperity. You know, I can I can guarantee a wonderful life for my future bride. So so the going to cap this. Seven thousand four hundred fifty US all the equivalent they arrived. But of he going to learn the inevitable. Listen about what happens when you try to fix the price of something less than people are willing to pay for it. Secondly, I think is also how we consider into the inflation. And how about if the property price begin to crumbling in China did like a couple of a usually object virulent too. If that's even would I'm pretty sure it's not, but it's light to newspaper articles picking quotes off social media. But I do quite like the one that they have chosen to end this story on which is somebody saying this is a regulation that has zero possibility of being carried out. Do you think that's true perhaps paw? The commas party would defy everything. So perhaps you have the follow it implemented very very strictly Bhutia from Chatham house. Thank you for joining us. You listening to the daily on monocle twenty four. It is now last thing on Friday night on the monocle daily. And well, I usually say in this part of the monocle daily that only means one thing. It's financial Augusta Pacheco's global countdown. But for recent Friday nights, financial, it has not meant that. Because only the one all both of us have been elsewhere will United again, Andrew, and it's a beautiful thing is indeed is on shore, a listeners will agree an- and apologies to those many of you who have scarcely known what to do with yourselves at this point on a Friday night. These last however long it has been, but anyway, for those of you who may be new to the segment and probably the ones who are still listening, the usual thing here is that financial comes in here with the top five of some all other jurisdiction, which he has selected more or less at random as far as I can tell. So this week financial who is the lucky country, the Netherlands I think the the Netherlands. Netherlands such a happy country, and they have quite a happy top five as well. I have to say a nation proverbially of crazy guys who just liked to party, but it has been argued Fernando. At least it is about to be argued that they have over the years contributed about as much to pop music as they have to mountain rescue anyway, moving swiftly along at number five this week in the Netherlands Fernando. We'll have we it's the only known Dutch act. And I think it's a quite a good sung. But I have a finished started to tell about a video clip of that song. It's Grundy with seven rings. Let's hear it. Though. Is. Thanks grandee with seven rings number five this week in the Netherlands that is not an unfamiliar melody, of course. The music. She sampled I think, you know, we like her in grant, I heard you said some good things. I am in a staple on the public record as having said that don't entirely disapprove, very grandba- is an interesting on the video of that song. She to seven Japanese. There was supposed to be seven rings. It was written barbecue grill. So that I saw this story made me laugh laugh and law. I have always always believed that I sold percentage of all the gap Lia tattoos that clueless white kids come southeast Asia with in Chinese Lovie, Austin, AMIS or sanskrit or whatever they've chosen actually do say something like, you know, poke Bowles, Royce, there's one born every minute. Are you ready for good Dutch song, though, I don't know that I ever had or ever will be? But but let's have this is number four entities. It is Divina Michelle with doot along which means takes too long to find. Stan.

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