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You know that it's going to be a problem. They have a lack of depth. Look we are in love. Everyone's in love with all ed any. I like him too. You however the only thing we've seen this guy who is Russia seen him do anything else but rush. He hasn't dropped in the coverage. We haven't seen him really against the riot. We haven't seen seen him do anything but we're in love with this guy and we have been cautioning happens that guy is but they're free and maybe Colo- but the pre and maybe a denny but the pre and Sutton's Smith. You don't know it is not this is a huge concern. I understand East what you're staying with tight end and I get it but there for me because if something happens with those guys you have nobody rush in the Asir and you're not gonNA find find somebody that's sitting on their couch in November to go ahead and take over for this is well. You can agree to disagree. That's the beauty of this show and the factor fiction so Brian One last line the another reason that it might not be as much concern is that they they they played most of last year with three and they pulled it off so if it wasn't for that I would be even even more concerned but to try to keep doing that in the future would just not be wise absolutely so at this day. You're you're going against the roles of factor fix dave when you come back in you're going against the the tried and true roles of Jeff Hartmann Brian Davis fiction well okay. I'm sorry I'm new to the. I realized I'll start there you go. I didn't realize what you're that. You're flat up toad. You're wrong that you're not allowed to defend yourself. I'm sorry not at all. I'll give you the last word I'm sorry Brian. I won't do it again. Let's all right to to say from the bickering. We're going to try to do these questions. This is the time the show where we ask you you out in the live chat. Whether you have any questions for the show again you can use as super chat feature to guarantee the your question gets answered so one all the way back Leo had given us two dollars in the live chat. Thank you for that. Put it in the tip jar and he said better season this year. Did you or James Connor Dave. What do you say <hes> a I'm going to go? I think they're both GonNa have a good season but I'm I'll take Brian's answer and I'll say Juju because I'm not sure that Connor will play in all sixteen games all right A. B._A._D.. Say Jews a superstar but for number eighty four Oh aw twenty dollars kick or Ju Ju Eighty Four Oh man all right touchdowns in well to put that behind behind us <hes> snowman put five dollars in the live to the super chat and the tip jar and says what game what week will say. Do you see Mr third fifth having a meltdown Dave. I wish I knew their schedule because I think I could that could help a little bit. I'm going. I WANNA say week six six okay. What about you? Brian Wendy's third and fifth get his first meltdown on the sideline <hes>. I'm thinking I'm GonNa go ahead and say we eleven. He's going to also yeah. He's going to try to behave as much as he possibly can. Completely mounts am really excited to see him next week on H._B._O.. On <hes> on that on hard knocks just because you know he is going to go ahead and <hes> he says anything about the steelers..

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