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Hi own football these back is rich Ackerman and we welcome you back couple minutes away from the countdown to kickoff of week sixteen twenty one minutes away from the Sunday portion after three great games yesterday which will take a look back in a couple of moments but won't take a look ahead to what's coming up in our next stop is Lucas oil stadium where the colts and Panthers lock horns of here's Andrew Smith and good afternoon good afternoon how are you I'm doing just great and you know these are two struggling teams it hasn't gone is expected are after the nice start for the colts the Panthers meanwhile they're scared continues with Perry fuel now running the show yeah the cold started five into the Panthers five and three and just a couple of weeks ago look like these two teams were in the playoff mix and since then both of struggle the fallen out of the playoff race Indies lost four straight six of its last seven double the six and eight on the year Caroline is lost six straight and the Panthers now five nine and other headed toward an offseason the promises significant changes one of which you mention very fuel now the arm head coach for the European there's and a big change today for Caroline as well as the Perry fuel earlier in the week announced that will career will get his first start at quarterback the rookie from Charlotte will see his first game action since the pre season when he completed fifty five point seven percent of his passes over the colts defense the struggle a little bit so it's an opportunity for it the New York Panthers quarterback will Greer's Indies about three hundred ninety yards last two weeks last three weeks opposing quarterbacks have completed eighty one point seven percent of their passes against the colts defense and the colts will be missing two cornerbacks today Quincy Wilson and Kenny Moore and one nice thing for a will Greer is that when you get Christian McCaffrey behind you it's going to take a lot of pressure off of you as well as being on the road I think takes a little bit of pressure off as well being the hometown guy in McCaffrey right now the least third leading rusher with thirteen hundred and seven yards is also fourth in the league in receptions he's closing on a potential one thousand one thousand season and another thing for Carolina veteran tight end Greg Olsen returns after missing last couple of games well Carolina is playing a new quarterback today Indy will go back with your Kobe percent he was eighteen of thirty four last week four hundred sixty five yards but he's been dealing with the decimated receiving corps Q. why Hilton yes back in the lineup for the second straight week but yet just forget his last week for twenty five yards another thing to keep an eye out for India's Marlon Mack you need just eighty one yards to become the first one thousand yard rusher up for the colts since Frank gore in two thousand sixteen and just a second in the last twelve seasons but since coming back from a hand injury two weeks ago mac as just a few seven yards in the two games but the Carolina defense thirty up against the run they've allowed a league high twenty six rushing touchdowns so there may be an opportunity there for Marlon Mack another thing I'll be watching is the pass rush the goals of thirty three sacks Carol one of the best pass rushing lead with forty nine but the Panthers the Senate decimated offense of line this year leave a lot fifty one sack so could be an exciting one is two teams looking ahead to next year and said during out where they are and as the set the table for the two thousand twenty seasons and look to finish two thousand nineteen on a high note you know that if you call me percent was really handed a tough hand earlier in the season when Andrew lock abruptly retired and they were very high on any under cobra said now obviously injuries have played a big part Marlon Mack is missed significant time T. Y. Hilton to miss significant time and and it seems like every other receiver is has also said the same are they still as high on percent as they once were or do they may look may look to see what what's out there in the quarterback market either as a free agent or in the draft publicly zero very high on per set I think behind the scenes Chris Ballard going to look under every rock he key and to try to make his football team better and if that means bringing in a free agent in the offseason if that means a looking at a quarterback in the draft and may be having an eye toward the future that's going to be something they do he's got one year left on his contract they gave him a two year extension right after Andrew luck retired and I think the injuries are key number one the injuries to the receivers but number two the injury to press that he was playing very well until he injured his MCL against the Steelers back in a week eight and he really hasn't been the same quarterback since and that really is where the colts slide BGM was that they had a lead in Pittsburgh we're going into score again matter fact rain we were came in finish that drive with a touchdown pass but they eventually lost that game lost the next week in my against Miami with Ryan we're starting and since then they just really not been able to get on track to end up in part of that I think is the fact that you're dealing with a really decimated receiving corps but also a quarterback coming back from a knee injury how much has that hampered him and limited his his play here in the last few weeks enter thanks for checking in we'll touch base shortly thank you all right hander Smith in Indianapolis at Lucas oil stadium where appear struggling teams and enter said it best the colts were five into the Panthers were five and three the culture now six and eight the Panthers five nine with six consecutive losses will Greer starts they the colts secondary has been torched the last couple of games on another note as Andrew it touched on in just a couple moments ago Christian McCaffrey closing in on a thousand yards receiving you need just eighty one he would become the third player to have a thousand yards rushing and receiving in the same season so it's a big milestone for him he was also six receptions and he is the first NFL running back with multiple one hundred reception sees so a lot online today for Christian McCaffrey on a personal level as his team continues to struggle on trying to snap a six game slide let's set the Mike bank you saw at MetLife stadium where the Steelers take on the jets today my good afternoon and good afternoon no rate happy holidays and of course as soon as we start the P. A. starts blasting in the background announcing the inactive but anyway hope all is well and we'll just sit on a couple notes just start this off deal is obviously eight and six gets five and nine in the steel is can I get that last wild card spot in the a FC if they're able to will win out and that includes the game next week against Baltimore on the road a couple the keys today on this list of story lines levy on dell going against the Steelers for the first time in you know you get to not really utilizing as much as you would have thought they have not had a one hundred yard rusher all season and the Steelers defense has not allowed a running back to go four hundred yards so maybe the jets can do something in that regard today James Connor back again he did play last week is the steel is try to get their running game going and you know they want to do that considering how was a dock Hodges had four interceptions last week and they want to try to run the ball and take the wall out of Hodges's hands much as possible especially with Greg Williams and the judge defense for being very aggressive they have your mom lives backs you know he's going to yeah we're just gonna have a lot of different looks and try to confuse Hodges see you know the steals wanna try to run the ball they do have the use misuse the back in after missing some time within the injury so well lots of little things side story but couple of things that are positive for the fans at least very nice day which is you know in the tri state area temperatures in mid forties bright sunshine and lots of Steelers fans your MetLife stadium I think it's going to be about a fifty fifty mix between Steelers inject fans plenty of black and gold throughout the stadium here so as we look forward to a pretty fun game you know the jets going to have to do something to protect Sam Donald the Steelers lead to legal sacks and the jets are rolling out their ten different office of line combinations of these and they've used now ten different starters so you know if they can protect our old maybe you can make some plays we'll see what happens should be a fun game absolutely Mike looking forward to hearing from you throughout the day is a levy on bell goes against his former team which is fighting for the playoffs the jets trying to play spoiler to an extent and we will touch base up to kick off okay talk later all right thank you very much Mike make use of the Jack Armbruster Miami where the dolphins taking on the one win the bangles Jack good afternoon good afternoon it says you know you would think that the more people who have we're lucky we're lucky if you're five thousand people in New York and stadium right out about five thousand wow obviously this these are two teams that are planned for next year the dolphins who looked to be taken for two up but I think other plans of change just a little you know they they have a right because I think it's you know most most people you talk to they had the dolphins you know as as the worst set the maybe that's it you know falling down to five right now there are there are three four than.

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