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On the southbound side of route nine hitting down toward poor farm road in old bridge it looks like we have an accident there a your delays a stretch all the way back into the south and boy area really all the way back to uh 35 so again now that is one to avoid the parkway will actually be a much better choice they were heading south into that area of the rest of the parkway also in good shape 280 west slow over the stickel bridge you've got some eastbound slow downs through the oranges and lots of traffic on the westbound side of three through clifton heading up toward the garden state parkway eighty west bikes 57 and patterson with a crash and were seventy nine in marlboro we got a broken gas main there right near beacon hill road so in both directions used caution because there's a lane shipped in place on that southbound side across the hudson george washington bridge lincoln and holland tunnel all minor delays aged tories new jersey traffic north mike barker new jersey traffic south of park lane the term by moving very well for you top to bottom he the southern half of the great garden state defied lays these down nicely south of the 42 freeway no delays on forty on 55 or the landing city expressway and across the delaware you're moving fine traffic every fifteen minutes negative what it seventy tina new jersey one on one point five do jersey what point 15 news time seven owes six new jersey one at one point five proud deserve clark union county and all of new jersey hey it's your money your homes destroyed or damaged would you be able to quickly tell your insurance company when it needs to replace jason hargraves that insurance quote says.

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