House Intelligence Committee, Democratic National Committee, Russia discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Free washington free beacon informed the house intelligence committee friday that the organization was the original funder for the anti trump opposition research project with fusion gps the free beacon funded the project from the fall of 2015 through the spurring of 2016 whereupon it withdrew funding and the project was picked up by the democratic national committee and they hilary clinton campaign the original arrangement between the free beacon and fusion gps involve opposition research into multiple republican candidates not just front runner donald trump sources close to the free beacon stressed that the project when the free beacon funded it had nothing to do with russia and did not evolve christopher steal the former british spy who gathered anti trump dirt in russian steel was retained by fusion gps when the project was funded by democrats and not in an national fray page winnie vegan was involved the free beacon was founded in 2012 its founders included michael goldfarb whose moved back and forth between conservative journalism politics and activists they're free beacon was originally part of a 501 c 4 taxexempt organization called the center for american freedom but in twenty it 2014 became a four profit organization never revealed its own the center for american freedoms original board of directors included william kristol the former editor of the weekly standard a sister publication of the washington examiner hour both goldfarb and free beacon editor matthew continuity work and it goes on that's enough continuity when i read his stuff particularly on national review online has been i think strongly protrump and strongly pro nationalist populist and so as you read this article are they hired fusion gps to investigate apparently a whole bunch of republican candidates were running of the republican primary including donald trump all right there you have it make of it as you will all right i said last hour and i wanted to it now let him one to reach something to you it's nothing to do with politics it's from a i s h i guess it's pronounced i each are ash dot com.

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