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Well again. I have to richard powers. Wrote a book called over story which is about trees and about our cultural understanding of trees and It's structure is like a forest at tells the individual stories of individual organisms like trees and then it branches out into a larger Communal understanding of human society and tree society. And it's You know award winning book. But i was blown away. I couldn't believe how devoted was to by the end of it. It's not that easy to read and But by the end of it you know you you feel the love for the For trees the way the people who are in it are defending sequoias by living in their top branches so no one can cut them down and the trees own devotion to their communities and their ability to communicate with each other. And you find out that it's not entirely fiction but you could stuff. Oh there's my dog barking. Then the other book i would throw in. There is a book that i got From my own publisher sent me other another book called dig by king which is gorgeous and i'm insanely jealous. It's five different. Teenagers experiencing life from the point of view of completely Dysfunctional families and they build a new worlds five of them in a way that by the end of the book. I just started. I'm never riding again. If she's screw that's the truth well then. City of the uncommon thief is out on february. The eight and i wish you in this book all the best. Thanks very much practice. Really nice talking to you and that does it for this episode. I want to thank lynn for joining me again. Her book is the city of the uncommon thief. So i hope you'll check that out also hope you'll check out some of other great episodes out with some way authors. You enjoy as they reveal. Not only their books that were important to them. Put the books that they've wrote and shared with us. I'm brooke shelley and until next time keep reading..

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