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And one of the things that they loved about you obviously was the way that your knowledge of this staff describe for Tiger fans What you watch you saw the kids in spring and we think of Mai's Manning Scougall. And how they have led this team since you went away, and now you come back what you saw in terms of the improvement and there there arc if you will, over the course of six months, it's cliche, but the maturity Obviously, when you put the more you play in the big leagues that come from more comfortable you get and then that's what it seems like to me that they have a comfort on the mound now. You know they can get big league hitters daily lineups out and to watch where they were earlier this year, trying to learn the new system that that was bringing in and now what they've learned that they're taking it and running with it. It's it's been awesome. Watch catcher has a big role in that. Obviously, what do you feel like your biggest role is especially with young pictures as they learn to throw strike one to equality Strike one. Live with early count contact gets to two strikes and finish shooters off in terms of your role of how to guide them through that process. Yeah, that's all it is just It's a report that we have, like, I'm not going to say Do this. Do this do this, and then they're going to do. It's kind of this is what I feel. How do you feel, and we're talking between Indians and we go out there. We at least have one or two pitches of a bat or batter at least that we know If I don't like this, then he can go to that. If he doesn't like this, I know where he wants to go and stay on the same page as much as we can. I think the thing that I really enjoyed watching Chris Federal with all the pictures learning how to fill, I think of Michael former saying I didn't throw my sinker up before because let her sit through my sinker up in the strikes on two seamer up in the strike zone. Uh, Whether it's Tyler Alexander's throwing his cutter up in the strike zone, just the way that they use their pitches in different ways than they were used to in the past, so that that's obviously I'm always interested when they don't have that pitch that day. How you maybe get to that pitch as a catcher to make sure that they throw it enough to get guys out. Yeah, I think that's theirs. Kind of two ways of attacking guys are maybe a little more but my mind where you can go in and out on guys, you go in hard, soft hard, but one of those two aren't really working. Then you've got to go front to back where it's slower than it. Is it side to side. So if one up down and all that stuff is not working there, two pitches are closer and speeds I could try to go back and forward with, say, a softer pitch to where it gets the hit her off balance a little more than we go back to the pitch that he hasn't had that day that gives them Little bit of a tick because the guy's not expecting that kind of deal. Dustin. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Dustin Garneau, stay with us. We've got.

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