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He wasn't gonna lose. They've only lost three playoff games in Foxborough since he's been the quarterback. What is it is it eight AM C championship aims AFC championship? Get that's like some LeBron James calf Tyke, Brian. Vinyl? Eight NBA final type stuff. It. In Belgium that to that. He's just whoever whoever the other guy is doesn't matter. The other guy could be really as a McKesson. Thank you. So or twelve game they won the division with Matt castle who went to a handful of other teams and couldn't play dead and they want a lesson games with him in New England. That's how that's how good of a coach Bill bell. Jack is but they're also three and four in the road and the plows and they're going on the road. So as good if they are at home, and obviously they play a lot of home games when a given the road unless like a fifty fifty tossup, I think Kansas City, I think has should beat them. But. It's a situation where you can't count them out three and four on the road, all his cute. But you cannot count them out. They shown you too many times when you decided to count him out. He they come right. I agree Super Bowl. We see. We hanging out. They Dale second half. I'm like, oh, yeah. They win this guy. Why are they so different on the road though? I mean because you figured Tom Brady's Tom Brady Bill Bill bell check, whether you're in Foxborough or anywhere else. Yet this season. They didn't lose at home and on the road there pretty pretty average. Yeah. But, but, but you know, home teams wing home games split on a road win home games. And you'll be fine in that's pretty much what they did. And I think when you look at it. That's why teams want to have home field advantage. That's why they fight to have home. If they didn't need home for the vantage is go out there and play in the back door into the playoffs every year, and it wouldn't matter they'd be on the road consistently. They're not built for the role their built a home. They're built a win win over and over and over the last two kind of Murray has a decision to make money or get into that. Plus call coming up next..

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