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Not a stream of articles in the literary press over the past ten years wondering why the american novel had become so anemic so in would turning so esoteric so removed from everyday life or removed from the life of society either was rather obvious suggestion mean why don't you just get up and look around and and and see what's going on all seem to come from a statement that philip roth at made at a time when he was the hottest young novelist in the united states won the national book award for goodbye columbus he lit up the sky with portnoy's complaint and he said we live in an age in which the imagination of the novelist is helpless before what he knows he's going to read tomorrow morning's newspaper but it seems to me an entire generation of american novelist exactly the wrong conclusion from this perfectly accurate piece of evidence they began to avert their eyes go into these rather esotique eric forms of of the novel culminating and i'm a marvelous novello by robert couvert of course very prestigious novel which began to start with i went to live alone on an island and committed suicide and that was the first senate and in this avella there are no flashbacks which it was a tremendous piece of virtue wasi but as something of a dead end i countersign tom wolfe speaking in nineteen ninety mr wolf was the author of novels including the bonfire of the vanities and experimental nonfiction like the nineteen sixty eight book the electric kool aid acid test how he claimed to never have used lsd himself but that books tales of ken casey and ken keesee rather and the mary prankster's had a kind of you are there quality none the less he didn't look like a guy who would have such a grasp of the counterculture tom wolfe was famous for wearing a white suit all year round in nineteen seventy six when he appeared on this program to speak with barbara from about as essay collection moved gloves mauve gloves and madmen clutter and vine he discussed why so few men at the time were willing to step out in style this new book of yours is all about what you call state has.

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