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I just wanted to call and ask what you thought the chances of Tennessee and making it out of the east for this season being conference only, and they can focus fully on beating this he teams. They don't have to worry about out of conference teams or even a easy team. It just takes the focus off. So I wanted to see what you thought their chances where the season. I don't think anyone gain more from losing non conference games than Tennessee what I mean by that is I think going to Oklahoma the second week in the season originally was just a brutal beginning to the season and right now, if you look at the schedule South Carolina is a is a tough opener, but it shouldn't be daunting. After that, you have an at home which I think is a tremendous advantage. That's a really good team at Auburn is not a pleasant trip but. I don't see Tennessee getting out of the that would just be my prediction right now. Just one more how do you see them fair and against Alabama. Think there's an upset obstacle No. Don't even a little bit of you know. Upset means I think they're going to win I. Think we saw last year the programs have come closer together. There is an unpredictability of this year that none of us know three weeks and in five days away from the opening game but. I. Think if you look at Tennessee schedule where where is the chance? Attorney Game? Is a Georgia? Is it Alabama? And I think you have to go with a home game. I frankly think the Georgia game on the road will be very difficult I it really. Tennessee could beat Alabama or upset Alabama. If there are complications and that will be the same line that people will have I think for almost everything all season long ricky is up next Hey, ricky, you're on the air. hypo thanks says mccaw look. I. Lost. Alabama's I seventy eight, seventy nine and I'm telling you I know all about La matter nick saved don't back out this. He will lose his career out by and people will not show up at the game because black lives matter does not stand for what he thinks evidently he. Looks at their manifesto because all my manifesto. Were Ricky Ricky Ricky Ricky hold on? I don't need to hear the black lives matter manifesto. I can read it with my own eyes. I do want to ask you though is this I can't believe you what you said what you did. You really don't think Nick Sabin understands the makeup of his team right now and his fan base and and you really think he's going to lose his career over what he's doing right now. Are you serious? Yes I am Paul because he's staying up for people that are absolutely not part about this is the absolute ovation it will be proven so and all the people out there. That means that people out there. Hey, ricky, there's. Whole. Really there's a difference in marching with your team for college they believe in and getting on a plane and going to Portland in the middle of the night marching the I mean, there is a I don't. Nick Sabin is entitled to do whatever He wants to do but I happen to think that he's doing the right thing by standing arm in arm with his players and I'm really concerned that you can't see that for what it is. Who Paul I'll say is there I know what they stand for. To Destroy Country and now, and it's four and destroy football the. Ricky Ricky. I'm going to be. Is Our is our country destroyed right now. We outside that because of the Democrats in in in the way they talk their people out of you know you gotta give me handouts you got you got I mean all of the political games destroy concrete takeover. I mean we we we have we. We've gone through six tough months here but I. Still Think we have the best country in the world a man I don't think this country has been destroyed. Do you? Rob If we do not get rid of the last and the virus and the by modern get by constitution we already have laws on the book Powell. We don't need the right new we need to force. Once we got, we have a constitution we have our right we have our life and we don't take it back from this wicked government took an over our lives, the Democrats and the Republicans get rid of and both these people are also get our constitution our country by we will be the store dot beaton airs. I don't mean to teach civics here in the afternoon but. As, we stand right now we have a republican president a Republican Senate. You of in Alabama and you've got a Republican governor and a Republican legislature so you're telling me. I mean I I. Really. Don't understand what you talk about. Toby. Paul for fifty years, the same people are in office for fifty years. The Federal Reserve has to vote on money since eighteen eighty. Nice. They own US federal service not even a paint. Here's a private bankers fray reserved me private bankers that has controlled our country with our money and I'll politician by buying them all and rewrite everything. So they can get rich off owes we don't wake up this back and get comfortable you forget football by I think new saving just misled I. Don't think he knows all the facts about life night if he does he wouldn't support. I, stay away from a rookie ricky I stay away from politics on this program for a reason but I wanted to Nick Sabin. If you know anything about the operation of a college football team. You know he did the right thing today he stood up for the players and that will resonate and that will pay dividends for him. As opposed to listening to someone like you and. Nick Sabin listen to you. He would probably do something. That's unheard of he might put himself in in jeopardy losers football team, which he would never do appreciate the call be well. We are coming right back with much much more. 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