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You know what I'm saying? So I don't think the first three and a half quarters. It'd be played the same football game. It'd be the same and if some type of bang bang plan to in. You'll be able to challenge or if you need some type of chunk plan to you throw four straight phase. And hopefully somebody somebody on one of them in flag. You know, there were now we're back to Joe flacco having some success. That's his favorite play. I'm just gonna throw it as far as I can hopefully get some on workflow before believe me, I know about that. All right. Get out of here to leave a pleasure to see you once again, I love I love the voice, man. I mean, just the literal sound of your voice, but you have a distinct phrasing and and point of view about football enjoy catching up with that. And I want to talk to you as it gets closer big twelve football K, you gonna be row Rick Ross unless miles go. Let's turn eight Kansas. You gotta do is get us a quarterback, and we'd be too. All right. I still have eligibility. I don't know why you laugh at that. If we twenty one. And that's that next. We talked to you. We will be in music city, Nashville, Tennessee, come on out does once again, Tuesday, the twenty third one thousand nine hundred two Charlotte avenue, we're going to be there were Shaun Evans is going to be there. Hopefully, you'll be there as well. Until then thanks so much football fans. Reminder Daves of thunder episode one hundred it's dandy one to track that down wherever you find your favorite podcasts. Enjoy this one football focus. This one's about the game of life. Even more than the check that one out. All right now, we will see in Nashville, Tennessee. And until we do it's been a thin slice.

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