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That does appear to be the case. Yeah. Yeah, the story of 20%. No, that's exactly what happens. So since the demand was updated, it now carries an expiration date of this coming Friday May 7th. But it's been reduced from the initial request of 50 million down to the now much more seemingly affordable 20 million. I can't see Apple paying a penny and quanta shouldn't either, but at the same time I also could see Apple being very concerned. Yeah. So they're going to announce in June. Various researchers have been quoted saying that this appears to be a pattern. The revival gang apparently feels that forcing the opening of a dialog with their victim. Is a crucial first step in getting paid. What appears to be happening as we're seeing a pattern of them deliberately establishing a reputation for dramatically reducing their initial ransom demand upon the establishment of a dialog. So this asking 50 and immediately dropping to 20, that's what people are now coming to expect. And of course, I guess this provides some incentive for a victim to establish contact in order to obtain the more real ransom demand. And also, of course, in the process serves to break the ice. And it's like, well now, of course, we're all put in mind of that old joke about prostitution. Okay, well, we've determined what you are. Now we're just negotiating a price. So this is the world we're in. And of course, we'll be talking about this takedown task force here, or the ransomware task force shortly. You could almost say that this was the year of the rise and fall of evil. Fascinating to watch, and of course we covered that each step of the way on security now..

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