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But we proven and science has shown that cannibus you cannot overdose from it you know wage so my put this on my facebook there the most dangerous thing about marijuana is getting caught with it and how many people are still in jail right now on possession of marijuana charged or dealing him or likely fit but you know we're kind of waiting in the recreational thinking oh what do we got this is medical only like right okay dish this will be a controlled substance you know in in my bill i legislation i heavy very nice system set up uh tori it does control with an anybody outside of that parameter we'll be breaking the law now we see how our drug laws are working right now they're not okay so this will be my sixty year in the legislature in a and i'm i'm kind of you know you involve after awhile and i've evolved to the point where i'm tired of criminalising good people because somebody might abuse something you know that's not right that we've seen the better quality of life and the countless benefits there there are possible with this now i want to make it crystal clear to you know this is the magic cure all it's not the wonder drug there are people that they don't benefit from it okay so what so you move on this is merely another tool in the toolbox physicians to reckon man hey i think that's person might benefit from medical cannibus so i'm going to recommend then for you know a medical card and then they go from there and they are now entered into a very controlled system use they can't be abused of course anything can be abused but again we shouldn't let that be uh you know roadblock to preventing um innocent people thousands of whose irs getting the relief that people in twenty nine other states or seen it didn't you mentioned the in the legislation for six years and you know you and i've worked together on other issues he's um and we've had a couple of discussions now on this one but if i had to guess when you first ran for the indiana general assembly medicinal marijuana probably wasn't of mine for you what was it that i think alike but.

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