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Hour. Yeah. That's when you turn to Office Depot officemax. What you need online at Office Depot dot com on our app and pick up in store for free and just one hour. So you can get back to whatever else. Now, save up to fifty percent at the big Serevent. That's up to fifty percent off at Office Depot office. Max offer expires. February sixteenth nineteen you like business content. I mean, if he did like business content. You wouldn't be listening to this show. Right. What if I could give you even more of what you like? Now, we've never met. But I'm willing to bet you are very busy between your work family and outside commitments. This'll a car ride is your time to catch up on your favorite show. But you always get to tune in. Exactly now, there's business club with you. In mind, biz is the place for business videos on demand. We have partnered with this show to provide you more of the content. You like the best part? It's all on demand. That means you can log it anytime from any device and watch shows the answer all of your business questions. For a limited time, you can try it for free for thirty days. Simply go to biz dot com and enter promo code radio. That's VOD dot com. Promo code radio. I wanna keep my heart healthy. So I get my cholesterol checked regularly. And when my doctor told me my cholesterol, was borderline I found garlic. According to my pharmacist, there's an ingredient garlic and helping maintain healthy cholesterol and one garlic tablet is equal to a whole. Except it's odor free. I'm doing what I can from my and I'm doing it with girly, garlic cholesterol's. Natural enemy not been evaluated with this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent any disease. Use as directed..

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