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He's better at that are so for me what we're looking at. What steelers debt. As they got an upgrade on roberts blame when it comes to play down and being run stopper they got an upgrade roberts filleting in terms of calling plays and knowing the defense and adjusting to what the at you and they got a guy who can cover and maybe blitz. There's gonna be some interesting things were that we're going to have to see play out like for example. Joe schober was on a terrible defense. Was he targeted less. Because the guys around him were worse than so he was just not the easiest guy to pick on right or roberts. Blame was often hey who he had a target. You're gonna target that backup guy who's never played. Who has you know before last season had exactly one snap on defense and his career so yet he got targeted more are are you gonna see where maybe joe schubert in this defense puts up better stats you know per target. Maybe he gives up fewer completions and so his yards per target. Go down in this year. Maybe we see joe. Schubert is actually a really good blitzer and his his rush percentage in his pressure rates. Go up or maybe we see. That's not a strength of his. And roberts blaine is just a better blitzer. That joe schober. Who knows there are some leeway here that we're gonna have to find out we're going to feel out how schober fit specifically in this defense. Statistically wise like what his productions going to be as he changes roles from from. You know the jacksonville defense to this defense. But really if you watch film. He's very similar to robert splaine. So what you saw the good of robert spilling last year with a little better run stuffing That's what i expect from. Joe schubert this year which is great. That's an upgrade. That's a that's a great addition especially for the for the cost. They got him for so two round out the show into our last little segment here on go through the last rest of the position. We spent a lot of time. Joe show burton inside linebackers. How he fits in devon bush gonna be your number one linebacker if he's healthy. You know there's a chance to steelers really are trying to limit his snaps early in the season because he's not one hundred percent yet i would understand the case or if they just say hey you know what we're we're going to give you a little break. You played a ton last season or give fewer snaps. But he's your number one linebacker eastern over one linebacker show. Joe shelbert is good and coverage but there's people out there saying he's better than david bush coverage in that's just simply not true. Film does not back that up numbers. No back that up. It's just it's not true Joe showers can be number two and he's playing a lot. He's gonna play a lot. He is a veteran of the group. He's going to be that you know the the voice in the helmet. He's gonna be the guy with the green dot he's going to be calling the defense colin adjustments which is good. We need someone who's really good at that. We haven't had someone who's really phenomenal. At that sense james farrior. He might be the best at it. Sense james farrior left and that would be a significant addition to our defense in no other way. is joe schubert. The equivalent of james farrior. That wanted to be clear to say that in case people here that wrong thing. I'm saying joe schober is that good. He's not a but he's going to be the best. Probably you know that that calling captaining the defense. The james farrior dick from a linebacker position. He's probably be the best sense. James farrer left that we have doing that specific job behind him. Roberts he's he's like joe schober and i would not be surprised if they wanna give joe schober to a break. You know it would be probably like in nickel. Where roberts billion really fits in. Well roberts plays a great fit in the nickel defense At at inside linebacker. I would not be surprised to see him there where he can add his blitzing to the pile. Then you have some interesting players behind there. You've got ulysses gilbert the third. You've got marcus allen. And you've got buddy johnson buddy johnson the rookie draft. He looks good. He is more of a thumper he's going to be that guy who can who can mix it up in line take on blockers stuff to run. He's not bad in coverage either at least at the level he's playing now which is kind of the second to third string Players for the other team is what he's been facing and he's shown pretty. Well they're ulysses gilbert. The third loved what he showed as a rookie Loved it his first preseason. He looked dynamic. He got injured. He's a series of injuries. And he has he hasn't really developed and in fact this season you know. I'm still looking for him to get back to looking like that player. He looked like when the steelers had just drafted more. He looked so impressive. I don't know maybe his injuries means he's never going to get back to that ply being that player right now. He's in a battle with marcus allen. Just make this roster bush over explain are gonna make it a buddy. Johnson is is going to be very hard to knock out simply because he is a rookie and he is looking. Really good. Just not quite. Nfl for snaps on defense radhi. He looks like a guy that next year could really take a huge second year. Leap marcus allen. Played really good in very limited snaps against philadelphia. He is not anyone you want to take on a blocker. He is just get swallowed up by blocks but in space and particularly Like a dime back role where he is taking on where he's in coverage on linebackers and coverage in zone. He's really good. He showed some fantastic aggressive defense on running backs against philadelphia When he was in there against a pretty good rookie gain well for For for philadelphia. Who's a good receiver. he did a fantastic job manned up on him really fantastic work. He knows the defense. He's he's got the the i q side down..

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