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The fan bill irit your great richard they bring my call a bill are you doing so i'll add to the big it gorman live nine amman providence fan and i know it never will be the old big east but once you come back and seeing the nittygritty style that's what i believe big east basketball about it was electric last night you know this conference is probably one of the deepest in college basketball you know you got the the the winless st john's red stormed beating do 'cause before they be the big east team so i really do believe that these teams in this conference are doing better than the teams that left no you can't isn't doing as well uh you know the the american conference's boring to watch so i really do think that the big eastern benefited or watson split well i i also think that uh about the on before the selection today honestly i couldn't care less about college basketball but we know it's a sports stock station so as well we do but it's anybody's tournament yeah i mean it it it so wide open now and it's it's got to get itself fixed them in and they are now talking about may be allowing high school guys to go into the nba or to go into a developmental league may know what we can get into that at another time because the tournament on you want to concentrate on the play itself but now they are uh look i i go back to the days on the biggest tournament when it was in new york man now is it was all you talked about that's all you cared about it was a syracuse say john see now georgetown villanova i mean it was everything let's go go to a dan in danbury you're on the fan dan good morning a dan graf your mom.

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