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Ron and Sykes Ville good morning, Ron how you doing? Ron Ron Ron and Sykes Ville, Iran. Hey. Or anything say it again, I think sending solving yet pass away the old. I don't I don't know the arrangements on unless unless Ron knows do, you know, anything about lessons arrangements. There were some arrangements. I guess you'd have to call the station during the daytime or maybe just. On the fourteenth. Okay. There's something on the fourteenth. But that's about all I know you might want to look on the wcbMcom website. Okay. Thank you, buddy. Sorry about that. Yup. On what's your name? Oh, yeah. Okay. Claude thanks, buddy. Found bye-bye. Hello, ron. Yeah. Allen. I say less was very entertaining. He wasn't entertaining. Dude. No question about it. Was. Call to enter to talk tests for one okay? And I'm going out and split some far which soon gets laid out here. Joy that get get a little exercise things ready to go. You got it. Put my snowplow Jeep. If you're going to be busy good for you or calling for a hell of a storm coming up from north North Carolina Virginia, that's what I'm hearing twelve inches. Wow. That's not good. People making our Ron one snow shovels December. All right, buddy. All right. Enjoy it. Robin. Thank you, take care. Bye. Bye. Okay. Having fun here. Yes. Indeed. You know, the come hell or high water the hump is back. You may notice a family resemblance. But let's get one thing straight. The saints. Grandpa's auto five in fact, the iconic humpback shape receivers,.

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