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CBS news on the hour sponsored by theraworx relief. Jailer mid term elections two days away. Have you already voted a lot of people have analysts say Tuesday's midterms will be vital for the direction the country for the next several years in many voters seem to agree. Many states are reporting record early voting in some places, we will keep the criminals drug dealers terrorists fell out of our country. President Trump was in Pensacola, Florida, former vice president Joe Biden was in Ohio saying the Republicans have to be blocked the only way they can maintain power. Convince us that these basic American ideals. His voice was hoarse after several campaign appearances. Sam Litzinger, CBS news, people in Iran are afraid and even more painful squeeze on living costs is coming additional US sanctions take effect tomorrow. United States re applying sanctions to the country's vital petroleum and banking sectors and ever to reign in nuclear activities there the mayor of north Ogden Utah killed in an attack in Kabul, Afghanistan. Brent Taylor was serving in the state's national guard. Very proud to be a soldier Cheryl Stoker served on the city council with Taylor has fond memories of her former colleague he was fair was kind a valued people's opinions. He always said that was democracy in its finest that happened in western Wisconsin driver of a pickup truck lurching off the road and right into a group of girls. Scouts. They were picking up trash in the ditch three girls. One adult dead a fourth girl critically injured. The driver of the pickup truck fled the scene, but later turned himself in the girls were in the four. Grade and Chippewa falls all wearing bright safely vessels and vests and were accompanied by several adults. Final Senate report out accusations level against supreme court Justice Brad Kavanagh during his confirmation hearings here. CBS news legal analyst Thane Rosenbaum. The Senate Judiciary committee wants to preserve a record of what they did in response to the allegations against judge Cavanaugh. This report nearly restate that they conducted both and initial investigation and then a supplemental background investigation and concluded that there was no corroborating evidence that implicated the judge at the Breeders Cup Classic. Sixty..

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