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Sir All right is I love all these new songs and getting used to pick of the week. This week is a podcast. I'm a little late to the game on. Apologize is for that but it's really really good. I'm almost done with it. It is called to live and die in L._A.. To live and die in L._A.. Neil Strauss <hes> you know him from a little book called the game but he's also so a <hes> <hes> a really great <hes> investigative journalists and he's also a great interviewer. <hes> basically gets involved in the disappearance of a young woman who lived in L. A. and had a very the interesting relationship with another young man from her acting class. I don't WanNa say any more than that but it's fascinating. It's happening in real time. It happened in March so a couple of months ago and they were literally releasing this episode as they were getting information formation so it's it really is <hes> fastening listen to. I don't WanNa spoil anything for you. Just get in and listen to to live and die in L._A.. And I WANNA give a shout out to <hes> everybody. WHO's a clippers fan? Come on people. Let's get to at this season. We're never losing a game again. Clippers got quiet Leonard and <hes> Paul George Very excited about that. It's not really a pick of the week it's the same people now is the time again on the bandwagon before the season started got a couple more months you get your shirts. You get in start being a clippers fan all right they're going to own L._A.. I gotTA say here I get in on that. How did this get Made Clippers bandwagon all right anyway people it is time for a movie bitches review? It's a two minute review of Detective Pika Chu is of course from April Halley and Andrew Golly <hes> and their <hes> their tag online is movie bitches. You can check out their channel on YouTube. Take listen to their two minute review of Detective Pika Chew Welcome to reviewing detective Pika Chew at the whole title. No I think it was like cokie mind. Detective Pika Chew Ooh Bob. I don't care if this was a waste of time. I don't remember the last time I was so disinterested in a film like a movie going experience Yup I mean I think if I was a kid will to be fair. Nine of US really know anything about POKEMON. Oh no well we wanted to go see book smart was sold out Kenny delivery awhile sold out five delicacy to take your peak at you. You know we were intrigued. I was really excited for it to be who framed Roger Rabbit. I can never have that again. This is maybe on me. The trailer started and it was all these kids movie trail and I was like kids and it's the least shore team shore but this was like baby. Baby gene was like Gee. It'd probably needed to be a hard P._G.. You know P._G.. Thirteen for me I would you know who brought to grab. It is a kids movie sure again this tablet consequences and a plot that was least not bear Baldwin's at least had apply well it also that wasn't a rip off of a Kid's movie that came out three years ago and it was just the politics utopia so you know I mean obviously if you start to while sorry we have different opinion like I said if you late Pok Mon you might get a kick out of going Oh. There's that one. Oh that was my favorite one link that I think the extent there was like some pokey battles or whatever I think that's the thing that was okay earnings the so I would certainly say dumps. You don't pay money to see it. Don't bother don't waste your time. I don't think I would say let let your kids see it. Probably they might enjoy it on the basic like it's a movie. I'm watching a movie. I'M A kid level. Show affray brighter rabbit short or Zootopia or or Zootopia indeed thank you movie bitches really full throated endorsement of Ju- people that is it for a mini episode follow

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