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This is set up for this like going every year mba podcasts would not be complete without talking at least twenty percent of the time about the cavs and why not making giving a story line so we are waiting for this torch holst trade that could go through while recording or before this goes up it was supposedly on the one yard line windhorst was on zach lowe yesterday and set a couple of things that didn't get four ground in a lot which was like why hasn't gone through yet and they're doing their due diligence and hill has had a lot of chronic some some some injuries like toe injury i think in right i think the last thing the cavs need is another guy who immediately comes in and needs to be rehab yet yeah he said we're waiting for that to happen we also just got news the tyler who is going to drop jae crowder from the starting lineup and replace replacing the tristan thompson so that that's going to happen i guess to give them some defensive fortitude than the first unit i i'm not really sure what that that answer is which cut of also brings us to another piece of cav's news albeit pretty rumormongering is it stephen a smith said the dan guilders looking to sell the cavs not a good sign if you're laurent james or is it yeah is is the pathway to lebrun buying the cavs the way to keep the brought in cleveland above this theory 'cause is basically the foundation of my lebron to the next kinda fever dream is that cell at least a little part of it to lebron's crew and then from there he can kind of eventually go into his retirement with a piece of the tv it reminds me of a story that last summer for some reason this flu would be under the radar.

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