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Center on national television. Tony brown well we'll see you know the biggest loser in this whole thing's going to be the Oakland Raiders stop and think about it you know the Steelers reportedly the patriots pursued Antonio brown last March and they offered a first rounder to the Steelers but the Steelers said no way we're not going to trade to a team that you know always blocks our way to the Superbowl so they traded him way to you know basically Siberia of the NFL which is the Oakland Raiders in they traded him for third and fifth round draft choice all right so look what they wind up with absolutely nothing say it again wow so Antonio brown gonna be catching passes the essence and contract yet so that's one of the reasons he could be on the sideline last night so hopefully they get that done today another investigation into one of the opera world's all time greats here's more from fox's Paul Stevens in representing opera performers and staff launching its own investigation into sexual harassment allegations against this superstar Placido Domingo saying it's not sure that opera companies will do a good enough job themselves the American guild of musical artists saying its investigation is prompted by two Associated Press stories in which multiple women accuse the seventy eight year old opera legend of sexual harassment or other inappropriate conduct the Los Angeles opera where to mingle has served as general director since two thousand three has hired its own outside counsel to conduct an investigation Paul Stevens fox news twenty seven after six o'clock well some people tend to skip breakfast each and every morning regardless of it being called the most important meal of the day seems there are plenty of people who eat not one but two breakfasts and think more people should be considering doing it too news survey found that the average American will enjoy a second breakfast at least once a week with sixty two percent of people thinking it should be recognized as an official meal as for why people are eating a second breakfast other than just being hungry seventy percent say it's because it leaves them feeling more energized sounds like there's another reason to buy P.. eating so much breakfast they just love it breakfast breakfast foods were voted America's most favorite genre of food with thirty four percent of people saying it's their favorite overall followed by lunch at twenty four percent and then didn't get at nineteen percent people love breakfast so much that forty three percent said that they have eaten breakfast items were all three meals and one day while thirty six percent of it do it often but not everybody thinks it's okay to eat breakfast whatever you want in fact half of Americans feel that well they're being judged by people who believe it's not allowed to eat breakfast after ten twenty five AM well remember it wasn't allowed at the fast food restaurants for a long long time into the figure there's gold and then their breakfasts in oak so Mickey Dee's offering breakfast well past ten twenty five in the morning biggest Starbucks in the world will be opening up in Chicago in November store will be four stories high forty three thousand square feet and it's going to one point two hundred people it's going to be called the Starbucks reserve Roche to re Chicago it's going to be located on the magnificent mile in addition to its usual menu that Starbucks reserves going to offer onsite roasting of coffee beans interactive tours exclusive drinks and a full kitchen for making desserts bread salads and pizzas yeah I got to have that interactive tour of a Starbucks you know it it's nothin I need to know more about their locations can open up on November the fifteenth but boy that's big while forty three thousand square feet and four stories high as a lot of a rhesus worlds largest Starbucks opening up in Chicago come this November a man in Virginia accidentally bought two identical lottery tickets and was able to cash in two big wins. Ariel Loza told lottery officials there he didn't realize that he bought two tickets with the same number exact same number but it ended up being a profitable mistake apparently because after cashing in one of the winning tickets for a one hundred thousand dollar prize this guy lows are realized two days later they had a second winning ticket you've been collecting another one hundred grand for that particular tickets price now those are plans to pay bills and save for retirement with the winnings how much of that scratchy pulls down is beyond me you know after all the deductions and taxes and what have you but two hundred thousand dollars on a mistake not bad six thirty let's hit.

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