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Aired On Monday, March 30, 3 AM, On WTOP.


On a Lexus and all the W. C. O. P. S. she I think in whether on the aids and when it breaks relatively quiet ride through the district at this hour no major issues to report on the freeway between the Potomac and Anacostia river bridges as of late DEC two ninety five and I. two ninety five removing without incident or light a quiet ride a bus south capitol street in Suitland parkway in New York Avenue inbound and outbound between the third street on the Baltimore Washington parkway running well in both directions after traveling I in Virginia I ninety five and I three ninety five from Fredericksburg up to the fourteenth street bridge no incidents reported southbound as the mobile crew that we have been working north found they are in place and they are working and headed south of Woodbridge down toward Quantico blocking two left lanes so that means at times will be down to a single right lane getting through that works and so just be aware but no complaints of any delays as of late if you're traveling on route seven leaving the valley headed out towards Leesburg it's quiet no problems on the toll road as the green way between the beltway in Leesburg also running wild George Washington parkway continues to move while in both directions and as of late no incidents report on sixty six inside or outside the beltway between Rosalind Haymarket traffic's been flowing freely in both directions rich hundred WTOP traffic overnight temperatures are falling into the fifties as we make our way through your Monday we're looking sunny with highs in the upper sixties near seventy really a beautiful day a little gusty in the afternoon temperatures will be in the mid to upper fifties.

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Aired On Monday, March 30, 3 AM, On WTOP.

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