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It does. She has six hundred sixty six million in job. Killing tax increases here just at a time when our economy starring to come out and covert now pritzker though says that this is an example of the gop carrying more about biz. Big business than they do the needs of people. In contrast we democrats are investing in priorities. That will grow and revitalize our economy improving our fiscal outlook dramatically and reducing tax expenditures on the wealthiest corporations. It's the democrats that are getting the state's fiscal house in order. That's the story of this budget. The new fiscal year begins a month from today. But after all those years of fiscal instability budget impasses everybody around the capital and really a lot of people who depend on this state often on pins and needles about whether a budget is going to pass in. Be there on time pritzker. Today leaving no room for surprise. He says that he is going to sign into law that budget he was however noncommittal on an even higher stakes issue in that is new legislative maps. These are districts that really were drawn by democrats to give their own party. The upper hand in elections for years to come and you had democrats going with that they did however hold off on drawing new maps for congress and that is the reason for the change that you mentioned earlier brandis that moving of the primary from march until summer that same law also creates a registry for folks who really liked voting by mail and want to be able to do it permanently so elections bill that was done on a partisan basis as we've mentioned really a lot of partisan managers but not everything. There was a bipartisan agreement. On an ethics spill at long last now this one makes elected officials have to share more if they might have stocks company potential conflicts of interest. It also limits but does not outright ban lawmakers who while serving in the general assembly also hold down jobs as lobbyists republican representative. Every born voted for the proposal. But she says it's way too weak if we are going to show the public that they can have a renewed sense of trust in state government. We've got to do something a whole heck of a lot better than this down. Diluted and i think in some instances really deceptive ethics reform ethics reform. One of scores. As i'd mentioned of legislation passed over the holiday weekend so i'll give you a couple of highlights. Illinois upon the governor's expected signature will become the first state in the nation to require schools. Teach in american history also a measure. That was really sponsored. By the latino caucus means that local police will be prohibited from asking somebody about their birth origin and their immigration status. And now another plan is going to at long last supposedly help illinois get moving on those promises of equity from when the state made recreational marijuana legal and that will lead to nearly two hundred new cannabis dispensaries in illinois so whole lot more to cover. But with that bring does. I'm gonna send it back to you. We will get to amanda thank you and later in the program. We share details about another bill. General assembly passed this weekend. Designating an official state microbe. But i will toss it to phil ponce for a look. At how rideshare companies are holding up amid the pandemic fill brenda's passengers in chicago and around. The us have been complaining about a shortage of rideshare drivers in recent months with fewer. Lifton uber drivers on the road. Customers say they're facing long waits and high prices last week of a member of chicago. City council proposed putting a cap on so-called surge pricing joining us to discuss the rideshare shortage Reverend walter turner. He's pastor of us spiritual light missionary baptist church and an advocate for ridesharing in chicago. Alderman brendan riley with the forty second ward who proposed the cap on surge pricing and kevin nelson. He's a rideshare driver and an organizer with the independent drivers guild lift. Did not respond to our invitation. Joined the panel and in a statement. A spokesperson for uber said at a time when we should be doing everything we can do raise driver earnings. The city's proposed surge. Cap would penalize drivers and lower their earnings bhai as much as forty five percent pushing current and new drivers away from the platform slashing driver earnings wrong and we'll make it more difficult to help. Chicagoland's move around the city as we emerge from this pandemic gentlemen. We are happy. You joined us and gilson. I'd like to begin with you because before we get to surge pricing and what's been happening covid nineteen There is a concern as i understand and a growing concern about carjackings. What are you hearing from drivers about this concern. Let's a very good question. Actually i was speaking who reveal a regular earlier about that well. Over the past year Decide from coded concerns of you know. Just the news of the ab- surge of carjackings against roger drivers where they're able to exploit of serious flaw in the app where you know the neither lift nor ruber really do a great job of wearing passengers. Identify themselves to be able to order. Rides in the way they've obviously drivers have to in so that combination of circumstances has basically decimated the amount of drivers our our records indicate that The amount of drivers active in the chicago area down to about one fifth of what they were of just one year ago. All been briley your response to concerns that ride share. Drivers have about their personal safety. I think they're legitimate concerns. I think that the rideshare companies could do a lot more to secure their drivers. I would also argue though separate from the crime issue. When you're gonna labor shortage you incentivize the workforce to come back to work. And i know that rideshare companies like uber left about six seven weeks ago announced an initiative to learn more drivers back to the road It seems to me that offering is too weak because we have not seen the influx of drivers would expect unfortunately for consumers in chicago. They don't have the competitor. Competitive pressure of taxicabs anymore. To hold those rideshare companies accountable. But i think it is a shame that oftentimes the rideshare companies uber statement instead. They couldn't join us today to defend themselves They hide behind their drivers yet. They treat them so poorly And i'm really here to talk about that but also how poorly chicago consumers are being treated by the surge pricing that these apps are engaging in right now before we get to that reverend turner. You're concerned about the shortage of drivers. And the impact. It has on people in your community yes because of field is seems like it's a vicious cycle best beginning to happen all over again when we had this with a cab. Drivers taxi drivers in our communities on the south end. The west size of chicago Mainly seniors a single parents..

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