Hannah Montana, Oklahoma, Hard Rock Stadium discussed on Campus Conversation - Whooooo's OU?


You know as alive studio audience there at the time like hannah montana back in the day i think that'll after i got the whole series hannah montana how do we got that on the record i would not at the hannah montana was a plus twenty four hundred underdog to make the campus conversation very very impressive it's a week of upsets and it just diet right after you go further yeah all right so my oklahoma the team this week that is not respecting their opponent and i don't think it's necessarily a respecting of the opponent as so much as a upset in the making i think happens at hard rock stadium down in miami i think it is the miami hurricanes obviously that that that game be in rescheduled you know miami right now not necessarily known for their rushing defense your defense against the run i think they're levent than the acc right now georgia tech traditionally pretty good at the run i i said yesterday on the show there's an sec coach had said that there's three times you don't want to play georgia tech is at the beginning of the year the middle of the year in the end of the year they just present match match up in personnel problems miami right now out three starters two and their secondary de delaney in in sheldrick red wine which is one of the all top names of college football right now not that georgia tech is a passhappy team of course but when you still bring these guys up a little bit further in the box that's a major concern ahmad robert richards is going to be possibly questionable of i believe of the wide receiver.

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