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Alba is an actor activist and founder of the honest company. Born in california. She was raised in her words in a very conservative traditional catholic latin american family but considers herself a very liberal feminist. After graduating high school at age sixteen she studied at the atlantic theater company in new york aka joe lettuce former place of employment then quickly rose to international fame at one thousand nine hundred playing the lead role on. James cameron's show dark angel. A prolific film career followed as did activism for causes like voter registration child protection and women's health in two thousand eight. After having her first child alba became passionate about product safety when she struggled to find baby products. That were eco friendly affordable and the actually got the job done. She learned that there were more than eighty thousand chemicals on the market. That had not been fully studied for toxicity. She also learned that. The european union had banned over eleven hundred chemicals. They considered unsafe while the us had banned only five and so in two thousand eleven she lobbied for the safe chemicals act in two thousand twelve. She launched the honest company which makes nontoxic personal care and home cleaning products and in two thousand thirteen. She released her new york times bestseller. Honest life living naturally and true to you. In the honest life album shares or experiences creating a natural nontoxic life for her family and offer suggestions for other people wanting to do the same. The book includes lists of topics that ingredients to look out for strategies. She swears by and honest. Confessions of the not so natural compromises. She makes when she's too busy or can't find an eco friendly option that works for her role in writing it to create a fun practical eco-friendly handbook..

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