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Dismal you can't just turn it around in one year after falling flat on your face totally agree and i i really marcus was like a brother to me but he he must have gone to the dentist beforehand and still been under the influence of some laughing gas you know what's what you know and to mention golf you talking about golf weather and how you wouldn't play new jersey right now i've always used my age as rahmatullah of win i'm gonna play basically you know i'm in my late fifties now so i don't play anything under my age this by the way i like that that's pretty much my theory and golfers day so but hey i thoroughly enjoyed the show and i and i think to your listeners that are still listing the entertainment and and information standpoint behind the show is what keeps people watching and listening and i really enjoy it thank you so much what a great call we really appreciate it we are going to take a short break oh in our next winter we're going to talk about lsu football and more of your phone calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five kudos out the wonder you're listening to the paul finebaum show podcast a one trick pony literally i show pa kids parties enact to that's pretty much it so excuse me for being bitter wait gyco says not only could we save you money on car insurance but we do more like twenty four seven access online over the phone or even via or awardwinning mobile app will ooh la la aren't they multitalented hey i said or ganic carrots geico expect great savings and a whole lot more we walk into that we started the program over the headline about the future of lsu especially at the quarterback position i use all of that is i preamble to welcome in ross dellinger who covers the tigers ross it's been too long hallways well we've seen the fbi projections we've heard conversation about quarterbacks as we bring you let's start the quarterback position what do we know.

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