Cesar Chavez, Horta, California discussed on POLITICO's Off Message - Dolores Huerta: 'I think the 60s are back


The wasn't off message i am i think they're they're today's guest dolores huerta the famous or infamous labour leader for a little after the fact labor day theme here if you're like most people you've heard of cesar chavez but you may not have heard of horta which says something about had the history of the '60s and the labor movement unfolded and how it's been told since she cofounded what became the united farmworkers were shove as in the 1960s led some of the marches and the great boycotts that transformed the farm labour system in california and then across the country she's also the one who came up both cease if way yes we can forty plus years before barack obama adopted as his own landing on the line by happenstance in conversation one night organizing in arizona that like a lotta for story has almost been lost a history though is the focus of a new movie a better life called dc to remember deloris where to was in washington last week i sat down with her to talk about what our view on the current moment is given her history in the labor movement i think the '60s are back was her line and the sense that i got into in the article up on our website at politico dot com do you want to get a sense of who she is and how she's been a presence right in front of you even if you don't realize it take a look at a photo a bobby kennedy's victory speech the investor hotel the night he won the 1968 california primary she's right there at his right and as we talked about she feels a little lingering guilt from that night about not saying more about the feeling the security was a little light.

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