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Longer here this morning a democratic presidential hopefuls are pushing for aggressive moves to curb gun violence in the latest democratic debate in Houston last night former Texas congressman Beto o'rourke said military style assault weapons and weapons of war should be banned Rourke noted that he has called for sweeping gun buy back programs Vermont senator Bernie Sanders playing the corrupt political system for an action on gun control and Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren said Congress is beholden to the gun industry and that must change northeastern Illinois university taking heat for inviting Sean Speicher's Spicer to speak on campus a group of protesters gathered last night as the former trump White House press secretary spoke about presidential elections activist wanted the university to cancel the event because they believed Spicer's role as press secretary to president trump promoted policies that have terrorized many an E. I. U. students and investigators are trying to figure out how a man in ice custody in the northwest suburbs died this week thirty say Roberto Rodriguez Espinoza was arrested in Chicago earlier this month and brought to the McHenry county adult corrections facility he was hospitalized after acting confused on September seventh and died shortly thereafter Rodriguez Espinoza a documented gang member who had a history of drinking and those are the headlines Luigi and sports. answered by northwestern football Chicago's big ten team week two of the NFL started with Tampa Bay beating Carolina twenty to fourteen the box keeping cam Newton and the Panthers bottled up and they stopped the box on the day of Panthers rather on fourth down for the one yard line with less than ninety seconds to go Sunday it's the bears at Dever we'll talk about about the hall of Famer Dan Hampton at seven forty northwestern opens the home schedule tomorrow hosting U. N. L. V. at two thirty kick in Evanston we'll talk to coach Pat fitzgerald at seven ten Illinois host Eastern Michigan tomorrow New Mexico at Notre Dame and I you travels to Nebraska tomorrow night first practice to training camp this morning for the Blackhawks baseball the last home stand of the year starts today for the cubs against the pirates after they got out of San Diego with a four to one when you Darvish fourteen strikeouts the white Sox lost Kansas city six three despite twelve strikeouts including a white Sox record eight in a row for Lucas Jaleco the Sox play in Seattle tonight will have at it eight.

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