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We let our newscast with tonight the double shootings in the mosques in New Zealand two mosques attacked by four people who are in custody. Forty people now have been killed in that mosque attack twenty injured forty people dead in it is Islamic two mosques in Christ's church. New Zealand sad story. All right back to David's sushi is our special guest. David, of course, is is the book called why planes crash David can people still get the book? They do. It's not as available as it used to be. It was all sold out. So I read issued it under a another title called, safer skies. Okay. And so then update that let's go to the phones Joe in the Bronx taken away Joseph gopher. Joe good it, David. Now, I understand black boxes on its way the French twenty two labs to be analyzed evaluated. What information do you speculate? We'll be gleaned from that process. And also why can't they have software that is self regulating self-monitoring and has the ability to make an Syria judgments to the main software while the plane is in flight to really good questions. But what we hope to get out of the black boxes. There's about ten thousand data points. That's the flight data recorder records, but and we are going to get some information from the the voice recorder. But I'm not sure that will give us a whole lot more than what we already know. But what what would be important to get off that black box right now is we would know more about whether the angle of attack indicator was giving a wrong signal or if the. Software itself is responding to signal incorrectly. Those are two different things. And so those that's where you would know what we get off that box is going to tell us whether or not the software fixes the Boeing is proposing to send out in April are gonna actually fix the problem or not. So it's a double check to make sure that the things that they put in play to to correct. The lane hair. Accident are the same things that would fix what happened to easy opium airplane. So that's on the black box. Second question. Software does do that. It doesn't continuously there. Seven different computers, actually that work in in conjunction with each other. And so excuse me on on this airplane. There's only five but on the Airbus they're seven, but they all work in sync with each other. And if one software gets hey wears and the other one takes over for it. But does it self-correct itself? No that would fall under the artificial intelligence which hasn't been actually approved for use within the BFA system yet. David how long have the max jets been in circulation just a couple of years, actually? And so these were the first episodes in in two or three years. Yes. Yes. It is. If you were Boeing would you have grounded the planes immediately after the initial October crash with lion air. No, I would not have I I would have been just as confidence. They are that that the fixes that they had put in play would would fix the problem, and that notifying the pilots and training them. Testing all the angle, I think I would have probably done with my maintenance background because I'm an aircraft mechanic. I would've thought well, it's probably maintenance failure. So let's just replace all the angle of attack indicators is probably would have been my response now with the second crash, would you have young? I would not have hesitated. One second. With the airplane. You have streaming data that airplane had all the information you need. It had already been sent out across the satellite was available to literally everyone in the world. So there was no question that this was related in my mind to the first accident. Do you think that those in Boeing who were responsible for the software development know, exactly what went wrong? Oh, there's a lot of finger pointing going on right now guaranteed. Oh my God. Shouting and screaming as many wires as go back and forth between the AO indicator and in cash in the flight data controller that's how many fingers are pointing right now. How'd you like to be the guy responsible for this? He's gotta live with himself on this. It's tough. I mean, even the CEO Gabriela of the CEO of Ethiopian he struggles with it. And I sent a message to him through a friend of mine July had air who is who serves with the world aviation for them. And I sent a message to him to send a got ready to tell him that. He's not alone in being can you imagine being CEO of the company, and you're trying to do everything. Right. You're trying to make sure they just the safest airline in the most proud of this happened. Yeah. And then this happens to you. And you think it's your fault. Because you don't know. I mean Boeing is saying this happened or that happened. Did he make it as safe as he could? But I reassured him that, you know, having been in the situation myself, if you've read my book, you know, that you know, I've made some safety decisions or didn't make safety decisions that could have saved lives, and you live with that the.

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