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A sixday that's revived seven fifty eight sixty year now here's ab dembosky direct mella considering for amy here on the emu dubovsky show it's great to be with you it's a tuesday amy of course by the find at the assembly meeting in their name cringe this afternoon forty minutes past the hour twenty two degrees here in the valley 23 in anchorage looking for low in the single digits in ankara town tonight in it'll be below zero for you uh cadeau's here in the valley it's gonna be chilean tonight so make sure those pets are taken care of speaking of against the idea to runs just around the corner trend what do they do the ceremonial started anchorage this year during the for rondi is of this coming saturday i bet i think you'd have to be know rob to look it up our been so busy lately avenue timed even think about it uh we've been looking at a lot of different knees were currently on the gun topic rate now we've had some good calls um i was reading and if you wanna call him by the way way in on any of those ideas even if it's a different topic burying arungon 357 fifteen sixty dennis prager exert radio host he's a i really like the guy and agree with most of the things that he brings up but he was talking about the left they all the the liberal left and why they're opposing some of what has been proposed for the big debate and one of the things that have been brought up his hitler arm the.

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