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The Argument


Know sometimes said that history repeats itself. I e repeats itself as a disaster and as a tragedy. The second time we repeats itself as a comedy once again. we are assuming that the aliens are benevolent. There kind hearted. People that will use their technology to usher in a humanity. Utopia i think that is silly. In fact it's a comedy dr vodka. Clearly you say that there are a lot of benefits we get. What would those look like. I think the benefits are that we can gain a perspective on ourselves and see from another civilization that it is in fact possible to get through this technological bottleneck that we're in right now to have confirmation that there is a civilization out there that may be able to provide us some advice. I mean as. I look into humanity's future. I do not see any assurance that we're going to make this on our own and so getting some input. Learning from the lessons from other civilizations in itself could be much more advantageous than any of the risks. I do want to emphasize a point where i agree with events yale and that is that the idea of benevolence of altruistic aliens just sending us something for our benefit. I think that's questionable. That is at the foundation of saudi society. Scientists say look the older civilizations they should do the heavy lifting. They should send us something. There is another form of altruism called reciprocal altruism where someone send something to another civilization and hope for something positive in return but in those scenarios someone has to take the initiative but the possibility is that the older civilization say look. Young civilizations are the ones who have the most to gain show. You've got some skin in the game and send us something and then we will reply. I think you've just laid out the argument that kills everything you've been saying you just stated in very clear language that you hope. The aliens will help us help us during this time of need. I couldn't believe what you just said..

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