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Is the fact that one in every thirty three babies is born with a birth defect January is birth defects awareness month I think a lot of people aren't maybe perhaps aware of that somebody who definitely is is doctor Scott ads like he's a surgeon in chief at the children's hospital of Philadelphia a quite a resume that doctor ads like has he's he's absolutely dedicated his life to this is an innovator in fetal medicine since the fields inception really so doc thanks so much for coming on with us by pleasure the babies each year are born with birth defects to put it in perspective both of the fax awareness month I'll get give you some key points first of all wanted thirty three babies is born with a birth defects other amazingly calm and Effexor costly billions of dollars required for medical treatment birth defects are merciless no parent should is immune the mysterious most because of birth defects are unknown they're over walked in my view the research is under funded and their birth defects are deadly the leading cause of infant mortality so in terms of stats each year in the US nearly a hundred and fifty thousand babies are born with birth defects anyway the conditions are rare most parents and even some clinicians have never heard of them and so too often these families are made aware of the treatments available in a place like our center pretty diagnosis and treatment of strollers hospital of Philadelphia in the left feeling overwhelmed with few options so it's great that works out talking so that your listeners can hear about this relatively new enterprise of fetal surgery yes so talk about that what could be helped by having the surgery while the baby is still in the womb I'll give you a couple of examples the two most frequent operations we do before birth are describing a laser therapy for twin twin transfusion syndrome and the other is open fetal surgery for the for the so for Clinton transfusions syndrome the set up is identical twins each in their own amniotic sack in as opposed to East when having its own placenta the password this that connects the fetus to the mother they have a shared placenta and their abnormal blood vessels I go from one side to the other says that one of the identical twins gets too much blood and goes in the heart failure develops and in excess of a on the other foot and the other two and doesn't get enough blood goes in the kidney failure and doesn't produce any of the comes a starting point and the way to treat that and to say both twins or otherwise doomed to put a scope inches to the nearest to the mothers of down a wall in your wall Mitchell was the person and use a laser fiber the phone call I get later include those culprit blood vessels with very good outcomes the second example is he'll surgery responded to us but it is the fact in which the coverings of the spinal cord don't form and so the in the higher this is a misspelling core the more nervous or affected and and we learned that there's ongoing damage to those lawyers through the entry actually amniotic fluid exposure because that's mostly is the key how many people everybody don't like journaling but for me it was an opportunity to help hole and I continued that when I came out it didn't become a book until twenty eighteen then hello hello I mean she even had that experience I would not be in a position to help my better assault battery understand in a grip on themselves and even to ship today I you to help hold better is to understand how we can diminish and hopefully some day eliminate bye bye which is at twenty one twenty two per day nationwide now really takes middle and me in the mirror and be fine you couldn't talk or what has been said to you by I'm I'm going to say by the empire whether that empire is political or religious or military it really is our responsibilities are my responsibility to have experienced that to help others not to experience it in other words what I'm saying is I I am a victim of sexual assault or serving in the military all rights to after coming home attempted suicide and all of that though this happens the number one and I didn't have a frame mother I've asked that to get my mother credit god rest her soul for me having some stability mine and I'm doing that work better and as we speak on the first of December for example I bet you will better ends and the topic was I survive through death by suicide a timeless story telling and it was amazing to hear a little better and talk about their experience and how clean by how they survive and how he survived by suicide wow how wonderful it is to have to talk about that who is a professional that is not going to take the critical approach that's the last thing we need is better and if the clinical approach we need will call from a spiritual perspective that will talk to are sold that will that will help are sold in this while we have been able to accomplish many of the things that we have been able to accomplish and can accumulate that being that we've been able to accumulate well one thing that we have left out along the way he is operational loose inspirational that that's the first sold news he's the sole affirmations that feeds the soul and so that that's a long way around answering the questions about health serving in the military what is so important for military people are who are often isolated from their families for over two years of time or are have multiple deployments that this will be at the root of our dance by suicide internally status well I want to call them we have a re entry program that you use a lot of options in the year so that's the next thing that we're going to work on is you know how how do we how do we transition from a very strict Stan Lee very strict and very strong Stan Lee system where I was that your back you've got my back to a billion system where that camaraderie is listing and and very often it's the result the it and we can resolve and two doors it can result in post a message trespass order it can be it can it can result in considering and unfortunately from succeeding in our committee especially all writing to pay it forward so to speak yes I and listening to you thank you for you do for veterans and I hope so many people this is resonating I agree with with Pamela June Anderson and saying that people are disconnected out there and that's and they feel disoriented and and lonely except for and and so much is Welling up inside of them so twenty one to twenty two suicide today that's on believable we we only have a minute or so left and my one and I know it's just lies by what what do you hope what do you hope people take away from reading this that there is hope and that they can do something well they will take away an opportunity to self reflect an opportunity to to kill turnover because that's where the work takes place I can go to all the women are all of the power structures and all of the churches and I can do all of that external were but nothing happened until I stand in the mirror mirror you know that Michael Jackson that the that the made the recording I'm starting with the person in the mirror yeah that used to be in the works is is colonel it's it's really taking time number one to get to know well who am I and and why am I here and do what I believe what I had been taught or or or am I willing to take the risk to the rhythm looking for to take take a critical look at what I've been taught whether it's whether it's religious or political sports store are are these my values are these the values that have been imposed fondly that's where the rubber meets the road and we have to have the courage to say well you know I needed to add a little bit and and maybe if I write about it I think this opportunity to look at these articles that have been written from aimed a reflective perspective for most of the becoming a hold to be made whole their goal and their life and love as a goal to get to know who I am and who was out there so that way Margaret committee to to start and end terminal journey towards wholeness and understand yeah the work will be tedious but on the other side of it like just the glass door is black wonderful and I whoever the IMAP I to reach out to my my my fellow veteran ana for my fellow brother or my soul sister and and and and and and make a friend and and so on down the he's on down the.

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