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Close because the parking lot was full of just you know tail gaiter denies a no go she's not going so much well into New Jersey one one point five the traffic is going to be one eight hundred two eight three one one point five so is their excitement as we hear all these stories that are coming out or people like now no way you couldn't pay me to go there your call coming up right now it's for eighteen here's New Jersey fast track Emily over Jerry right now the problems of route nine a pariah and wrote it is close in the left lane both ways a crash and it is a really a slow ride coming out of that spot to eighty seven the crewnection south of exit fourteen Bridgewater still lots of delays north on two eighty seven aged eight to twelve and south coming down to four forty this report is sponsored by indeed dot com are you hiring with the with indeed you can post a job and then it's set ups greater questions of zero in on qualified candidates in around my dashboard get started and indeed dot com slash higher traffic on the parkway well it's pretty busy coming from out of Bloomfield outdoors is land then you get a break but the big delays farther down the line south of the exit eighty nine Eddie and towards eighty two we have an actual along the way before you get to get eighty two meanwhile the traffic on the termites been pretty busy on those first in the south of the car the truck planes at a just south of the council's Bridgnorth downslope car wreck coming back up towards New York and the New Jersey across us in the worst of the Holland tunnel that's about a five to ten minute delay Tom rivers New Jersey traffic north Christina cellphone New Jersey traffic south on the northbound side of forty two well through a lower landing road and route fifty five we had some emergency construction that's cleared but still very slow moving here also northbound leading into the area Blackwood Clementon road so before you even get to the congestion because that earlier construction now we have a crash with a long line of slow moving cars north and a forty two at this time now in two ninety five south bound between one sixty eight and route forty two we have a stalled a tractor trailer left lanes blocked Elise go back you would crest station thirty both ways affected by a crash right by summer Dale road and we're also seeing some added value on six seventy six outbound around the area Morgan Boulevard every exit three no incident is just under the speed limit at this time traffic every fifteen minutes next.

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