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Some damn raccoon oh my god yeah i said it okay so late sure what is where we wanna live on the lake and we just drive there on the weekends it is so beautiful nother argeles communities that we can't get in and they're miss brittany spears lives there like late sherwood but she lives in the country club area there's a country club there it is peaceful serene gorgeous you could probably get home maybe not on the lake on the lake for one point something may be too but the on the lake on the lake that's when you're talking show besides you know you are in the business of show and i are to be here in the and you spend a lot of time in traffic don't you yes the answer is yet yet it doesn't bother me like i find driving really peaceful i liked to drive doesn't bother me so but david is like you he's like what the fuck because once the kids are out edition that's fine i don't mind going to studio city i don't even mind going to west hollywood but i am going to have a dog i am going to need a yard so things have you can have a yard into luca lake you can have like is lovely yeah all that stuff i just don't believe in it this is a company town yet and why else why would would you be in los angeles if or in hollywood if you're not in hollywood i can get myself there yeah by kids were in high school one graduates this year two years later the other one i got i can do whatever the fuck i want you could be as free as the wind is blowing out here on this be a wreck yeah so until then will hang tight out there in the boonies with the raccoons and then we get a house lake shored and had a tear in west hollywood in the boonies with.

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