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Hey, What's up? This is Michael K. Williams. Hey, this is John legend. Hey, this is Fauzia. And you're listening to Q And you listen too cute. You're listed in the queue with Tom power. When you're Andre Leon Talley. There is no such thing as overdressed. The former Vogue editor is the king of formal wear, and he'll tell you how he developed his bold, gutsy style under the bright lights of studio 54. Why you still might want to get all dolled up. Even if you're working from home, then do you have a passion that you've been putting off? Maybe there's a ukulele under your bed or a set of paints. You've been meaning to crack open damp. Eaton's is an artist who knows what that's like. He spent years holding down different jobs until recently when Something happened and he'll tell you why. It's never too late to live your dreams. All that coming up on cue. Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Spear, Lead House Impeachment manager, Democrat Jamie Raskin grew emotional as he concluded the first round of arguments and former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial. He reflected on the damage done when a mob stormed the U. S. Capitol. Off start a heart attack. Officer lost three fingers that day. Two officers have taken their own lives. Senators. This cannot Be our future. Trump's defense lawyer, Bruce Castor, meanwhile, condemned the loss of life that day, but defended the rights of free political speech. I don't believe that the former president expects anybody. Walked back any of the language. If that's how they feel about the way things transpired over the last couple of years in this country, they should be allowed to say that and I will go to court and defend them if anything happens to them. As a result, the Senate voted the trial is constitutional testimony will continue this week. At NPR analysis of the more than 200 Capital Ride cases the Justice Department is brought thus far has turned up current and former military officers, extremists and hard core Trump supporters. One thing they had in common. They were all men. Dina Temple Raston. NPR's investigations team has more While the group is large is the one that's doing the capital defies generalization and NPR analysis of the records collected on the more than 200 people charged so far has found some common threats. For example, more than 86% of the people who were charged. Are men, almost 15% or either current or former military and about 17% haven't avowed connection to an extremist group. Michael Kimmel wrote a book about what drives angry white men to violence. They grew up believing that if they worked hard paid their taxes were good guys that they would be able to live the lives that their grandfathers lived. Kimmel says that when that doesn't happen, a kind of aggrieved entitlement takes hold and that can lead to violence. Dina TEMPLE Reston. NPR News President Joe Biden's choice to head the Office of Management and Budget says while the U. S needs to keep a close eye on inflationary pressures, the Federal Reserve has the tools to deal with inflation and interest rates. You're a Tandon. President binds choice to be budget director asked by lawmakers about concerns proposed $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief measure might touch off inflation and in saying the aid package is vital, providing help for families suffering as a result of the pandemic. U. S employers reined in their hiring in December, especially industries hard hit by the Corona virus pandemic like restaurants and hotels. Labor Department reporting today its monthly job openings and labor turnover survey otherwise known his jolts. Showed the number of jobs rose, but just slightly. Mixed close on Wall Street, The Dow was down nine points. The NASDAQ closed up 20 points. Today. You're listening to NPR and this is W M I C in New York I'm Shawn Carlson Governor Andrew Cuomo says that if a person does not show up for their second dose of covert 19 vaccine You can now go to someone else. But there's a small catch. Vaccine providers must keep the dose available for the missing person for at least 42 days. If they wait much longer than that quality, said they could run the risk that that those could expire. Morgana and fighter vaccines last about six months in cold storage, But some of that time is lost by getting the supply from the assembly line to the national stockpile and then to the vaccine hub spread around the state. All that said If the missing person eventually returns, the state has pledged to find a second dose for them. Allegations of officers abusing inmates at New Jersey's women's prison culminated in criminal charges last week. But lawmakers say that is not enough. W my sees Matt Katz has more Prosecutors say officers pepper sprayed and punched inmates in the January 11th incident at Edna Mahan Correctional Facility. 31 officers and supervisors plus the prison administrator were suspended. Three were criminally charged, but violence has been a long time problem at the facility documented in a report by the Department of Justice last year. State Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg says she wants Governor Murphy to fire Corrections Commissioner Marcus Hicks. The Department of Corrections seems to be steeped in rape culture. And permits abusive behavior. Murphy's ordered an independent inquiry into the prison. Partly cloudy tonight Love about 21 degrees Should be sunny tomorrow, hon. You're 34 Windchills tomorrow between 10 and 20. With more snow possible late tomorrow night, we'll see loaf about 24 degrees. 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