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Were also off smaller back then. I went and i got particularly nostalgic. I i went. And i did a little bit of glancing round into some of the different things in regards to our cnet and in regards to land tastic and found out that actually. Pc micro is still in business. They don't really play up. The whole land tastic anymore. It's still available. Land tastic eight point. Oh this is kind of nostalgia for me. It's still it's still around they. They were the big name back in In the mid nineties the early nineties mid ninety s until these guys came along mother is windows for workplace rather windows for work groups. I'm sorry windows for work groups and there was this company called novell and novell did a wonderful job for a long time. They were a server based server client. You would connect up and you could exchange information off to that server but it's yeah unfortunately. Pc micro is back to being a very small company. They had compatibility with their software. The land tastic networking software on up through windows seven. And they've kind of moved on they deal with a lot of. Am kind of equipment for dealing with your car and dealing with other kinds of proprietary hardware. Things that really have not moved out of the original way of doing networking way back. When this is benjamin rocklin. You're listening to computer talk radio. I'll be back with more in just a moment..

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