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After serving two years for child pornography the pierce county prosecutor says he will now be on probation and have to register as a sex offender we expect all level to sex offenders to be closely supervised i'm confident mr powell given his notoriety he will be especially closely supervised the father of josh powell seeking i came into the spotlight when police were investigating the disappearance of josh's wife susan cox pal in two thousand nine steven was convicted of taking video of two neighbor girls through a bedroom window seattle's the crane capital of the world for the second year in a row according to project management firm ryder levitt bucknell seattle has fifty eight cranes working in the city it's twenty two more than los angeles and three times as many cranes as new york city a check on your forecast now sunny and warm highs creeping closer to eighty in the next few days right now it is 73 in seattle i'm kim shepherd on demand with a cairo radio cairo review news 973 fm live from the carter subaru studio he's he's brought in show on cairo rate 973 fm seattle's seattle's talk seattle's costing forty recall that i saw vavi for good july the ronaldo gerald no the ronaldo radio ads selfaudit loves to tickets to sold out august six seahawks trading brokers was what's the tshirt for the seahawks rochon redeployed all the latest your include will do training camp to luxury ever seen a visits stockhom blows rochon locations avoid called'social wa was dog call don't forget some time during this hour i will give you a code word.

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